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Valor Fitness Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio Set - PRO Package - Starting up your own garage gym or home gym from the ground up? The Valor Fitness Garage Gym PRO Package will save you both time and money putting together the essential building blocks for crossfit training and weightlifting. This cross-training package includes a full set of 250 lbs. of pro style solid rubber bumper plates, an Olympic training bar rated to 1000 lbs., four slam balls in 10 lb. progressive increments, and a power conditioning rope to develop strength, stamina, and aerobic conditioning. If you want to know how to turn your garage into a home gym, or build the best garage gym on a budget, here is the place to start. Outfit your garage or studio with fundamental, quality gym equipment first, and then expand from there to create your ultimate training facility or crossfit affiliate gym!

Pro Package Includes:

BD-9 Power Squat Stands Plus - Looking for heavy duty squat stands for weight training? The BD-9 is built with the serious weight lifter and crossfit enthusiast in mind and intended for squats, bench press, and other racking exercises. Adjust the bar supports to your desired level and then adjust the safety bar catches in case you need safety support. At the bottom you will find plate storage pegs. These play a dual role in the stands. One is for plate storage but the more important role is to ground the unit with added weight during squat or military functions. At maximum height the stands reach 6 5, high enough so that you can even do pull ups from the bar by tucking your legs underneath you. Recommended max weight is 500 lbs.

OB-86-1000 7 Ft Olympic Chrome Bar Whats the right Olympic bar for weightlifting? The Valor Fitness Olympic power bar offers a 1000 lb rating for heavy duty lifting. With this bar you can safely and confidently perform power cleans, clean and jerks, deadlifts, shrugs, squats, jump squats, bench press and other power movements. Center knurled for powerlifting with rotating 2 inch bar ends. Chrome bolt collars included with bar. Weight 41 lbs.

BPP Pro Style Rubber Bumper Plates - What color coded bumper plates are made for the serious weightlifter? Valor Premium Bumper Plates are designed for Olympic style platform lifts, as well as slower lifts such as deadlift and squat. The rubber makes for a quiet lifting session- even when dropped from overhead! Each solid rubber bumper plate is the same diameter as an Olympic 45 lb. weight plate. Chrome stainless steel center insert reinforces hole and protects bars. These solid rubber bumpers are full commercial rated and have color coded hubs and rim stripes for easy identification.

SB Series Slam Balls - Want to add slam ball exercises to your crossfit workouts? Valor Fitness Slam Balls add a bit of cardio to your strength workout while releasing stress or an excess amount of energy. Take the ball with both hands like you would grip a basketball, raise it above your head and slam it to the ground for a great energy releasing workout. Black, non-bouncing balls have a textured surface for a better grip and dense walls to prevent blowouts when slamming to the ground. Large easy to recognize weight value on each ball.

Power Conditioning Rope - Are you looking to make heavy rope training part of your cross-training workout routine? Using a battle rope is a complete strength and conditioning system like no other. The 1.5 x 40 rope weighs 30 lbs and is the perfect length and thickness for both beginners and advanced users interested in generating power, strength, and increasing cardio conditioning. Developed to skyrocket strength and stamina to new heights and increase mental toughness, Valor fitness training ropes yield incredible results. Braided black nylon rope is durable, non-abrasive, non-shed, and can be used for indoor gym training or outside. Plastic boot on each end to prevent fraying.

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