Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio Set - GOLD Package – Body-Solid (CT-PACKAGE-GOLD)

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Body-Solid Garage Gym Cross-Training Studio Set - GOLD Package – Starting up your own garage gym or home gym from the ground up? The Body-Solid Garage Gym GOLD Package will save you both time and money putting together the essential building blocks for weight lifting at home. This cross-training package includes a full set of 255 lbs. of USA-made Premium recycled rubber Olympic bumper plates, a USA-made 7 foot Olympic power bar rated to 1000 lbs. with easy-to-use Lock Jaw clamp collars, a commercial grade Pro Club-Line multi squat rack and adjustable free weight FID bench, six kettlebells from 15 to 40 lbs with vertical storage rack, two medicine balls, a slam ball, 3-ball storage rack, a plyo box platform for plyometric jumping drills, a power conditioning rope to develop strength, stamina, and aerobic conditioning, and two resistance lifting bands. If you want to know how to turn your garage into a home gym, or build the best garage gym on a budget, here is the place to start.

Gold Package Includes:

  • (1) SMR1000 - Pro Club-Line Commercial Multi Squat Rack
  • (1) SFID325 - Pro Club-Line Commercial Adjustable FID Bench
  • (1) OBPH260 - 260 lb. USA-Made Premium Olympic Bumper Plate Set, includes:
    • (2) OBPH10 - 10 lb. Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates
    • (2) OBPH15 - 15 lb. Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates
    • (2) OBPH25 - 25 lb. Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates
    • (2) OBPH35 - 35 lb. Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates
    • (2) OBPH45 - 45 lb. Recycled Rubber Bumper Plates
  • (1) OB86LPB - 7' USA-Made Olympic Power Bar (Zinc)
  • (1) BSTLJO2 - OLY 2 Lock Jaw Collars (Pair)
  • (1) KB15 - 15 lb. Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • (1) KB20 - 20 lb. Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • (1) KB25 - 25 lb. Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • (1) KB30 - 30 lb. Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • (1) KB35 - 35 lb. Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • (1) KB40 - 40 lb. Cast Iron Kettlebell
  • (1) GDKR50 - 3-Pair Kettlebell Rack
  • (1) BSTMB14 - 14 lb. Medicine Ball
  • (1) BSTDMB16 - 16 lb. Dual Grip Medicine Ball
  • (1) BSTHB20 - 20 lb. Slam Ball
  • (1) GMR5 - 3-Ball Medicine Ball Rack
  • (1) BSTBR1530 - 1.5" x 30' Fitness Training Rope
  • (1) BSTPB24 - 24" Plyo Box Platform
  • (1) BSTB3 - Medium Resistance Lifting Band - Red
  • (1) BSTB4 - Heavy Resistance Lifting Band - Blue

SMR1000 Pro Club-Line Multi Squat Rack – The SMR1000 commercial multi rack system is the perfect machine for providing all size users a safe and comfortable platform to maximize squats and pressing motions. 1/4 solid steel gun rack style liftoffs provide multiple positions for a comfortable starting position. Rock solid adjustable safeties allow users to work out safely and maximize their load. The 2" x 3" 11-gauge steel frame holds up in any heavy use environment. The back frame is extended to allow spotters easy access. Integrated weight storage keeps the plates right where you need them. The SMR1000 has integrated pegs for strength bands for extreme plyometric training. The integrated chinning bar allows users to incorporate pull ups, chin ups, inversion, ab slings and other body weight resistance systems for amazing versatility. The SMR1000 is an uncompromised monster free weight system. The SMR1000 multi power rack system is perfect for heavy use, heavy load environments, like schools, military, police and fire departments. Assembled dimensions 80" L x 71" W x 89" H. Assembled weight 343 lbs. Lifetime Warranty on frame and welds for full institutional use. Max weight capacity 1000 lbs.

SFID325 Commercial Flat-Incline-Decline Bench – Designed to meet any facility's requirements without breaking the bank. Utility benches are a critical part of any commercial or vertical market facility. Home use benches often incorporate leg attachments that get in the way of many exercises. Home use benches also do not have the quality to hold up in a commercial environment. The SFID325 satisfies both of these needs in an affordable quality bench. The back pad and seat pad adjust individually of each other. Back pad adjusts flat, incline (15, 30, 45, 60 and 80 degrees) and decline (-18 degrees). Seat pad adjusts flat, 10, and 18 degrees. 2" x 3", 11-gauge steel frame. Thick durable upholstery holds up in any setting. Oversized wheels with a front transport handle make the SFID325 very easy to move. The perfect match for dumbbell workouts, smith machines, squat racks and power racks, the SFID325 is an essential bench for any facility at an amazing value. Assembled dimensions 57.5" L x 25.5" W x 18" H. Assembled weight 74 lbs. Lifetime Warranty on frame and welds and One Year Warranty on upholstery and grips. Max weight capacity (including user) 1000 lbs.

OBPH Series Premium Bumper Plates – Made in the USA with recycled materials and a Stainless Steel bushing for long life and durability. Fully Commercial Rated, these bumper plates are made to withstand the abuse in any weight room environment. The Premium Bumper plates wont chip floors, and are quieter and safer than cast plates. These durable plates are thinner than most bumper plates allowing users to load more weight on bars and weight carriage systems. The plates have been proven in the toughest gyms, colleges and home use for over 10 years. Plate Diameter 17-3/8" (all sizes). Plate widths - 1-1/4" (10 lb), 1-7/8" (15 lb), 2-3/8" (25 lb), 3" (35 lb), 3-3/4" (45 lb).

OB86LPB 7 foot Olympic Power Bar – Precision engineered from high-strength, stress-proof alloy steel with rolled-in knurling to avoid adding stress points. Weight 20 kg (44 lbs). 86" overall length. 31.75 mm diameter grip. 50mm diameter bushing sleeves with 15.75 inch length. Deep diamond knurling. 1000 lb. capacity with high quality zinc finished shaft and chrome sleeves. MADE IN THE USA.

BSTLJO2 Lock-Jaw Olympic Collars – The Lock-Jaw OLY 2 is where it all began. When deactivated, the release latch expands the inside diameter of the collar to allow the user to easily slide it over the bar sleeve until it is making contact with the weight plates. Once the collar is in position, the user activates the latch and locks the collar on tight. To remove, simply deactivate the latch with one hand and slide off. Each Lock-Jaw Olympic barbell collar contains a series of injection molded pressure pads that provide a firm, non-slip hold that will not scratch your bar. BSTLJO2 Olympic Collars are designed for non-impact or low-impact strength training movements such as squats, bench press, deadlifts, upright rows, shrugs, curls, and other heavy duty training exercises where weight plate stability and security is desired for peace of mind and safety. Sold as a pair.

KB Series Kettlebells – A legendary Russian exercise device, the kettle bell has long been a favorite for those seeking a special edge in strength and endurance. Kettlebell training develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Kettlebell workouts have long been a favorite of throwers, jumpers, sprinters and hurdlers. You can perform squats, pulls, overhead throws and rotational training plus much more. Body-Solid Kettlebells are cast iron with a tough, black, enamel finish. Handles are steel reinforced for durability.

GDKR50 Kettlebell Storage Rack – The Body-Solid GDKR50 is a compact kettlebell storage solution for home or studio and provides storage for 6 total kettlebells of any size from 5 lbs. to 50 lbs. Three offset shelves provide easy access for all 6 kettlebells. The modern design complements any fitness room. Silver powder coat finish on frame with black trays. Assembled dimensions 19" L x 20" W x 21" H. Assembled weight 19 lbs.

BSTMB and BSTDMB Series Medicine Balls – Medicine balls are ideal for a wide range of upper and lower-body exercises, including crunches, rotational twists and leg raises. Standard medicine balls have a durable rubber construction for bouncing, and adjustable air pressure lets you control the amount of bounce. Textured surface ensures superior grip and handling. Dual Handle Medicine balls are ideal for swings and rotational movements. They have a solid weighted core and durable rubber easy-grip handles for comfort and freedom of movement during both one and two-handed exercises.

BSTHB Series Slam Balls – Body-Solid Slam Balls are non-bouncing, non-rolling balls designed to add a bit of cardio to your regular strength training. Slam balls help you improve core strength, conditioning and explosiveness by maximizing your full body throughout the motion. They are the perfect tool for exercises typical medicine balls cant do including: wood chops, slams and overhead throws. Slam balls are beneficial to athletes of all size and skill levels. The surface is textured to ensure a proper grip during challenging workouts and rigorously tested for extreme durability and encased in an extra thick durable rubber shell. These slam balls are built to last through even the heaviest of workouts.

GMR5 Medicine Ball Storage Rack – The Body-Solid GMR5 Med Ball Rack provides quality, customizable vertical storage for up to 3 medicine balls, dual grip medicine balls, or slam balls. It fits standard medicine balls from 2 lbs. to 16 lbs. and dual grip medicine balls from 6 lbs. to 20 lbs. Two rings are adjustable 360 degrees for perfect placement in any room. The silver powder coat finish and modern look show off your accessories in style. Assembled dimensions 21.5" L x 21.5" W x 26" H. Assembled weight 9 lbs.

BSTBR Series Fitness Training Ropes – Get ready for battle! Heavy rope training is growing in popularity in particular with professional athletes, personal trainers, health clubs, and home fitness enthusiasts. Fitness Training Ropes are portable and can be used anywhere for both indoor and outdoor training. Training can be done with individual users or couples and is usually very intense involving the use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously while increasing overall strength, hand strength, and cardio endurance. Muscle group focus includes biceps, delts, forearms, shoulders, traps and wrist. The 1.5" x 30' rope weighs 17 lbs. and made of durable poly-twine with wrapped finished ends for durability. It is black in color to help mask dirt build up over time.

BSTPB Series Plyo Box Platforms – Body-Solid Plyo Boxes are a must-have training tool for explosive jump and speed training. Athletes of all levels use these boxes for forward, lateral, and other plyometric jumping drills. Increase not only in your vertical jumping ability, but also drastically increase foot speed, cardiovascular endurance, overall leg strength and health, and "out of the blocks" explosion. The number of exercises you can perform are endless and only limited by your creativity. Professional, college, high school and even grade school athletes can improve performance and increase speed agility and all around fitness levels with plyometric training. Features heavy-duty 1" square steel construction using 12 gauge steel tubing with 300 lb. weight capacity to withstand years of abuse by athletes of all sizes. Red scratch-proof powder coat finish. Platforms are reinforced 1/2" plywood covered in non-slip rubber surface. 24" tall plyo box weighs 30.8 lbs and has a 23.2" x 23.2" base with 16.05" x 16.05" top platform.

BSTB Series Resistance Lifting Bands – Lifting bands offer a contrasting method in an exercise program where the weight resistance changes at different points in a lift. Each strength band is suited towards a particular fitness routine such as speed/agility training, jumping, flexibility, stretching, plyometrics, rehabilitation, and power lifting. These 41 elastic bands are a cost effective and simple way to add intensity to any training routine. Why use lifting bands? Lifting bands offer a contrasting method in an exercise program where the weight resistance changes at different points in a lift. Using bands will make the weight increase through the concentric and eccentric portions of a lift that will result in greater speed and acceleration. The BSTB3 and BSTB4 work well for stronger bench presses and lower body exercises.

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