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Wrist Roller For Forearm Training -- Hampton (MWR)

Uses: Build forearm size and strength
Weight Plate NOT Included
Hampton Fitness MWR Wrist Roller For Forearm Training
Hampton Fitness MWR Wrist Roller For Forearm Training
Hampton Fitness MWR Wrist Roller For Forearm Training

Hampton Fitness MWR Wrist Roller - How do you build strong and muscular forearms? With a Hampton Fitness Wrist Roller! For years the wrist roller has been the go-to gadget for building powerful and ripped forearms from athletes to weight lifters. Wrist rollers are a relatively simple piece of exercise equipment consisting of a short handle, rope and metal dowel at the end of the rope used to hold weight plates. Hampton Fitness didn't invent the wrist roller but they did make it more user friendly by including thick urethane grips. Urethane is an impact resistant coating that is typically applied to weight plates and solid steel dumbbells to protect them from wear and tear in the gym. Urethane handle improve the performance of a wrist roller by providing a non-slip grip even when hands are sweaty. And the long lasting durability of urethane means that your wrist roller exerciser will provide you with years of forearm pumping enjoyment.

Wrist Roller Training - How do you use a wrist roller to strengthen the grip and forearms? The great thing about a wrist roller is they are simple to use and can be used by anyone to increase gripping strength for everyday life, increased sports performance, or to allow a weight lifter to hold heavier weights in the gym. To begin your wrist roller training, apply enough weight plates to provide just enough resistance that will allow you to perform at least one set of rolling all the way up and then all the way down. Stand straight up with the roller in your hands with an overhand grip (palms facing down). The rope should be fully extended and not wrapped around the roller at this time. Raise your hands straight out in front of you until the weight plates are elevated off the ground. Rotate one wrist at a time in an upward motion so that the rope begins to wrap around the bar and the weight begins to rise. Once the plates reach the top, begin to lower the weight back down to the ground. By the time you have reached one complete cycle your forearms should begin to burn. If the weight is too light add more plates in small increments until the desired burn and pump is achieved.

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Wrist Roller Includes:

  • (1) Wrist Roller handle bar with rope and plate holder
  • Weight Plates sold SEPARATELY

Wrist Roller Features:

  • Construction: Solid steel bar
  • Handles: Impact and slip-resistant urethane
  • Rope: Long rope allows for high rep forearm training
  • Uses: Home and commercial use
  • Plates: Compatible with regular 1" and Olympic 2" hole plates
  • Weight: 4 lbs.

What Are The Benefits Of Training With A Wrist Roller?

  • Improves grip, wrist and overall forearm strength
  • Increases size and definition in the forearms
  • Builds endurance in the grip for improved sports performance and weight training

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