Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Set - Classic Russian Design -- Hampton (HKB-SET)

Available in 5-25, 30-50, 5-50, and 60-100 lb sets

Hampton Fitness HKB Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Sets - For over 300 years, the Russians have been evolving the Kettlebell to be a brutally effective tool for developing strength, power and mutant work capacity. Kettlebells returned to America in 2001 and their popularity has grown steadily each year. Hampton now offers a premium quality, Russian classic designed Kettlebell ranging from 5 to 100 pounds to match the needs of the rapidly growing army of Kettlebell enthusiasts for home or health club use. Grab the handle of true "old school" training and understand what real functional strength is all about.

Quality made kettlebells means long lasting performance and results! All Hampton commercial grade kettlebells are one piece castings made from only the highest grade cast iron for long lasting performance. After each casting is complete, the classic Russian style handle horns and grips are fully machined, filed by hand and then coated with a special chip-resistant black paint to insure a consistent matte finish. For lifters that prefer to use chalk while swinging and lifting kettlebells, a matte finished handle is known to hold chalk much better than that of a kettlebell with a smooth or shiny handle. Each kettlebell set offers easy delivery right to your location whether that is a home, club or military base.


HKB-5-25 Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Set (5 kettlebells)
Purchasing a 5-25 lb. light kettlebell set is often an ideal starter set for both men and women to begin their first kettlebell training program. Starting your program with light kettlebell sizes is essential in perfecting your form and avoiding injury risk before moving on to heavier sizes. Entry level kettlebells can be integrated into an existing weight lifting program as a way to ramp up results or breathe new life into your training. They can also be used by themselves as an exclusive means of weight training. Either way, training with kettlebells to enhance ones fitness level can be a fun and very effective regimen. The 5-25 lb. set handles graduate in thickness starting with 24mm for the 5 lb. and end with a 32mm for the 25 lb.

Includes (1) each: 5 lb (HKB-5), 10 lb (HKB-10), 15 lb (HKB-15), 20 lb (HKB-20), 25 lb (HKB-25)

HKB-30-50 Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Set (5 kettlebells)
This 30-50 lb. kettlebell package deal is a medium range kettlebell set that is suitable for both men and women that are entry level and advanced lifters. If you already own a 5-25 lb. set, a 30-50 lb. set is the next step in ramping up your muscle and strength gains as well as improving cardio endurance to keep your training momentum flourishing. The 30-50 lb. set handles graduate in thickness starting with 34mm for the 30 lb. and end with a 40mm for the 50 lb.

Includes (1) each: 30 lb (HKB-30), 35 lb (HKB-35), 40 lb (HKB-40), 45 lb (HKB-45), 50 lb (HKB-50)

HKB-5-50 Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Set (10 kettlebells)
The 5-50 lb. kettlebell weight package is perfect for integrating into your existing free weight training program to ramp up gains or as a standalone kettlebell training set for garage gyms, studios and clubs. It is a quality made set packaged together to ultimately save on delivered costs when compared to purchasing single bells by themselves. The 5-50 set handles graduate in thickness starting with 24mm for the 5 lb. and end with a 40mm for the 50 lb.

Includes (1) each: 5 lb (HKB-5), 10 lb (HKB-10), 15 lb (HKB-15), 20 lb (HKB-20), 25 lb (HKB-25), 30 lb (HKB-30), 35 lb (HKB-35), 40 lb (HKB-40), 45 lb (HKB-45), 50 lb (HKB-50)

HKB-60-100 Black Cast Iron Kettlebell Set (5 kettlebells)
The 60-100 lb. package deal is the heaviest kettlebell set made by Hampton Fitness. Conveniently packaged to offer the heaviest sizes needed for heavy kettlebell training, it also saves you a "ton" of money when compared to buying single kettlebells one at a time. The 60-100 set handles are consistent in thickness at 40mm throughout.

Includes (1) each: 60 lb (HKB-60), 70 lb (HKB-70), 80 lb (HKB-80), 90 lb (HKB-90), 100 lb (HKB-100)

Specific Handle Diameters by Kettlebell Weight:

  • 5 lb - 24mm handle
  • 10, 15 lb - 28mm handle
  • 20 lb - 30mm handle
  • 25 lb - 32mm handle
  • 30 lb - 34mm handle
  • 35, 40 lb - 36mm handle
  • 45 lb - 38mm handle
  • 50 thru 100 lb - 40mm handle

What are the benefits of Light and Medium Kettlebell Training? Kettlebell weight training, like other forms of weight lifting and training, produces a variety of important benefits for men and women, young and old. These benefits include improved blood circulation to the upper and lower extremities, elevated caloric burn while at rest, increased bone density for stronger, less brittle bones, toned muscles, stronger muscles, thicker muscles, increased total body flexibility and a better overall sense of well-being. If you're a weight lifter that loves training with dumbbells and barbells, try integrating kettlebell sets into your current routine. Kettlebells will allow you to train and target muscles in ways that just aren't possible with other types of free weights. And to achieve maximum results in any training regime, any fitness enthusiast or athlete must change things around and constantly confuse the body. With proper instruction and technique combined with consistent workouts, kettlebells are one of the best investments you can make in your health and quality of life.

What are the benefits of Heavy Kettlebell Training? Advanced level kettlebell training with heavy kettlebells will pack on lean muscle, develop explosive strength and is great for maximizing muscular endurance. Whether you are an avid kettlebell lifter with these goals in mind or an athlete trying to improve his or her performance on the field, heavy kettlebell exercises such as Clean and Presses and Double Swings can produce outstanding results. To maximize muscle development and strength gains keep your rep range around 10. Reps above that, and even up in to the 20's and 30's, will target more endurance and fat burning than anything else.

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Note: Image as shown may not represent actual size. Size of kettlebell will vary based on weight increment.

Kettlebell Exercise Tips

Alternating Floor Press is a great exercise for working out your Chest, Triceps, Abdominals and Shoulders. Lie on the floor with two kettlebells next to your shoulders. Position one in place on your chest and then the other. Press one and turn in the direction of the locked out kettlebell. Lower the kettlebell and repeat on the opposite side.

One-Arm Kettlebell Military Press To The Side is a great exercise for working out your Shoulders and Triceps. Clean a kettlebell to your shoulder. Look at the kettlebell and press it up and out until it is locked out overhead. Lower the kettlebell back to your shoulder under control and repeat. Make sure to contract your lat, butt, and stomach forcefully for added stability and strength.

Two-Arm Kettlebell Clean is a great exercise for working out your Hamstrings, Lower Back, Traps and Calves. Place two kettlebells between your feet. To get in the starting position, push your butt back and look straight ahead. Raise the kettlebells straight up as fast as possible and take the kettlebells to your shoulders. Lower the kettlebells back to the floor and repeat.

Shipping Included
Shipping cost included within the lower 48 states only

Ships via UPS (HKB-5-25) OR ships via one of our various freight carriers on a wooden pallet (HKB-30-50, HKB-5-50, HKB-60-100). This delivery is considered a curbside delivery only and will be delivered to a location at your address that is acceptable for a tractor trailer at the drivers discretion. Customers are required to be home at the time of delivery to sign the delivery receipt and help offload the individual packages from the tail end of the truck. On most deliveries, customers will receive a 24-hour notification before the delivery is made.