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Black Cast Iron Kettlebell (Single) - Classic Russian Design -- Hampton (HKB)

5 to 50 lbs. in 5 lb. increments
60 to 100 lbs. in 10 lb. increments

Hampton Fitness HKB Black Cast Iron Kettlebells - For over 300 years, the Russians have been evolving the Kettlebell to be a brutally effective tool for developing strength, power and mutant work capacity. Kettlebells returned to America in 2001 and their popularity has grown steadily each year. Hampton now offers a premium quality, Russian classic designed Kettlebell ranging from 5 to 100 pounds to match the needs of the rapidly growing army of Kettlebell enthusiasts for home or health club use. Grab the handle of true old school training and understand what real functional strength is all about.


  • (1) HKB Black Cast Iron Kettlebell

Available Sizes:

  • HKB-5 - 5 lb
  • HKB-10 - 10 lb
  • HKB-15 - 15 lb
  • HKB-20 - 20 lb
  • HKB-25 - 25 lb
  • HKB-30 - 30 lb
  • HKB-35 - 35 lb
  • HKB-40 - 40 lb
  • HKB-45 - 45 lb
  • HKB-50 - 50 lb
  • HKB-60 - 60 lb
  • HKB-70 - 70 lb
  • HKB-80 - 80 lb
  • HKB-90 - 90 lb
  • HKB-100 - 100 lb

The 5 lb. cast iron kettlebell is the lightest kettlebell in the Hampton Fitness arsenal. It is quality made for home or commercial use and features a classic Russian design. A small kettlebell of this size is suitable for both men and women to perform light kettlebell workouts with high reps. To the other extreme, the HKB-100 is the largest single iron kettlebell that Hampton Fitness produces. If youre strength training with heavy kettlebells, the 100 lb. kettlebell will more than likely be on your wish list sooner or later. Theres no feeling in the world like grinding out sumo deadlifts, front squats and swings with an extremely heavy kettlebell. Heavy kettlebell training is a great alternative to lifting barbells and dumbbells for gaining strength and size. And to quote a past customer, This is the one kettlebell produced by Hampton Fitness guaranteed to piss off your local UPS driver!.

Hampton cast iron kettlebells feature a one piece iron casting with a thick classic Russian style handle. Each cast iron handle is fully machined and filed by hand to remove any seams or rough areas that could be abrasive against the hands. They are then painted with a chip-resistant black paint. The finished product offers a matte finished horn and handle that holds chalk much better than a smooth or shiny kettlebell handle.

Handle Diameters by Kettlebell Weight:

  • 5 lb - 24mm handle
  • 10, 15 lb - 28mm handle
  • 20 lb - 30mm handle
  • 25 lb - 32mm handle
  • 30 lb - 34mm handle
  • 35, 40 lb - 36mm handle
  • 45 lb - 38mm handle
  • 50 thru 100 lb - 40mm handle

Are you a beginner kettlebell user? Are you replacing free weights such as dumbbells and barbells for Kettlebells? Try some basic, light weight exercises such as Figure 8s, Kettlebell Swings, Cleans, Bent Over Rows and Kettlebell Push-Ups.

Have a Kettlebell question or need a custom quote? Contact an IRON COMPANY® free weight specialist today at 1-888-758-7527.

Note: Image as shown may not represent actual size. Size of kettlebell will vary based on weight increment.

Kettlebell Exercise Tips

Kettlebell Squats are a great exercise for working out your Quadriceps, Calves and Glutes. Clean two kettlebells to your shoulders and take a stance that you find comfortable for your body type. As you squat down, push your butt out. Looking straight ahead at all times, squat as low as you can and pause at the bottom. Rise back up and repeat.

One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press is a great exercise for working out your Chest and Triceps. Lie on the floor and position a kettlebell for one arm to press. Push the kettlebell straight up toward the ceiling. Lower the kettlebell back too the floor and repeat. Imagine that you are trying to push yourself through the floor for added stability and increased strength.

One-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats are a great exercise for working out your Quadriceps, Calves, Shoulders and Glutes. Clean and press a kettlebell with one arm. Looking straight ahead and keeping a kettlebell locked out overhead, push your butt out and squat as low as possible. Pause at the bottom position for a second before rising back to the top. Repeat for several reps and then switch arms.

Kettlebell Seesaw Press is a great exercise for working out your Shoulders and Triceps. Clean two kettlebells two your shoulders. Press one kettlebell. Lower the kettlebell and immediately press the other kettlebell. Make sure to do the same amount of reps on both sides.

Russian Kettlebell Jerk is a great exercise for working out your Shoulders, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Abdominals.Clean two kettlebells two your shoulders. Pop your pelvis out so that the kettlebells are resting on your midsection. Pop the kettlebells up to your forehead using your legs and immediately get under the kettlebells. Stand upright to finish the jerk and repeat.

Kettlebell Windmill is a great exercise for working out your Abdominals, Hamstrings, Shoulders and Glutes. Clean and press a kettlebell overhead with one arm. Keeping the kettlebell locked out at all times, push your hip out in the direction of the locked out kettlebell. Turn your feet out at a forty-five degree angle from the arm with the kettlebell. Lower yourself until you can touch the floor in the opposite direction. Pause for a second and then reverse the motion back to the starting position.

Kettlebell Seated Press is a great exercise for working out your Shoulders and Triceps. Sit on the floor and spread your legs out comfortably. Place a kettlebell in one arm in the clean position. Press the kettlebell up and out until it is locked out overhead. One of the major benefits of this exercise is that you cannot lean back and bring your pecs into the movement.

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