Haulin' Hooks PROFESSIONAL Weightlifting Hooks and Straps (Pair) -- LPG Muscle (PRO)

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1250 lb. Load Rated
Shown with Optional Gripper Tubes

LPG Muscle Haulin' Hooks - Professional - Lift heavy weight with heavy-duty weight lifting straps. For heavy lifts such as deadlifting and barbell shrugs, your grip can often be your weakest link and can limit progress. If you want to lift serious weight and want to be able to push through plateaus, increase your gripping power with a pair of LPG Haulin' Hooks. A patented combination of 2" reinforced strap-n-wrap plus extreme duty hooks will handle any exercise combination. Bypass arms and target muscles with devastating effectiveness using the patented never drop hooks. And the plush neoprene comfort of a non-constricting no slip wrist wrap. Lift more, Pull more, Grow more respect - Command it with best overall Haulin' Hooks Professional grade.


  • M-XL (PRO-MXL) - For wrist diameter less than 7.5"
  • XXL (PRO-XXL) - For wrist diameter greater than 7.5"


  • Combine weightlifting hooks and weightlifting straps with military grade construction to hold up to your toughest workout
  • Lift beyond total grip failure
  • Target and isolate muscles with expert precision
  • Get more repetitions
  • Lift more weight
  • Protect delicate wrist and hand tendons

Great For:

  • Dead-lifts
  • Lunges
  • Rows
  • Shrugs
  • Pull Downs
  • Squats


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Patented combination of weightlifting hooks and weightlifting straps in one product
  • Patented never drop Super J Hooks - 5/16" diameter
  • Patented quick change custom fit hook sleeves
  • 1250 lb. load rated and tested
  • 12" Long x 2" wide reinforced wrap strap
  • Plush comfort wrist padding
  • Pull tight velcro wrist wrap
  • Non constrictor wrist
  • Optional Gripper Tubes recommended for bar work and dumbbell work only
  • Optional Gripper Tubes not recommended for work with machines with padded handles (best use hooks alone)
  • US Patent # 7,008,355
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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