Loktuff Indestructible Vulcanized 1/2" Rubber Puzzle Flooring -- Humane (LOKTUFF-1/2)

Tile Sizing: 4' x 4'
Tile Choices: centers, edges and corners with bevel
Colors: Black or 25-35% color concentration to choose from
4 tile minimum per color
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Loktuff Indestructible Vulcanized Rubber Puzzle Flooring
Loktuff Indestructible Vulcanized Rubber Puzzle Flooring
Loktuff Indestructible Vulcanized Rubber Puzzle Flooring Vulcanized Rubber Flooring Transition Edges LEED Certified Vulcanized Rubber Gym Tiles

Humane Loktuff Rubber Puzzle Tile Flooring

Loktuff Indestructible Vulcanized Rubber Puzzle Flooring - Popular among commercial gyms that require a high strength rubber flooring, our Loktuff tiles by Humane are a high quality protective flooring option that are vulcanized to far surpass the tensile strength of recycled crumb rubber and even virgin rubber mats. Loktuff puzzle tile flooring is virtually indestructible when used for heavy kettlebell, dumbbell and barbell training.

Vulcanized rubber is as strong as virgin rubber without the higher cost - Vulcanized rubber is produced using post-consumer products such as car and truck tires. Quality manufacturers like Humane Manufacturing use what they refer to as tire "buffings" to produce their vulcanized product. Buffings are removed from the outside of the tire that contains no steel belts or wires and is easier to process. The tire buffings are then processed down to the proper size granule and then mixed with latex, sulfur, oil and a blend of colored granules if needed. There is also a neutral scented odor mitigate mixed in to significantly reduce the natural smell of the sulfur and other ingredients. The colored granules used in some vulcanized rubber flooring products are painted and not an EPDM material. The difference is that an EPDM granule is not UV resistant and will fade in the sun over time. A painted granule, like the ones included in our Humane tiles, will not. This mixture is then baked at high heat between 300-500 degrees under extreme pressure of between 500 and 1,000 PSI depending on the thickness of material being produced. The vulcanized material is then allowed to cool so that it can fully contract before being cut with a water jet into mats and interlocking tiles. One of the best attributes of the vulcanizing process is the strength it creates. Vulcanized rubber has a tensile strength rating of between 800-1,000 PSI. This is the amount of force it takes to pull apart the material. And because the vulcanization makes the material totally non-porous, there is no sealant needed and bacteria will not grow on it. One other valuable tidbit worth noting is that since vulcanized rubber mats are pressed in a mold it is possible to texture the top of the mat to add up to 10% more slip resistance compared to a smooth mat. Vulcanized flooring materially speaking is about as good as virgin rubber at a lower cost. This material is suitable for home gyms, training studios, commercial gyms, agriculture and anywhere else a non-porous flooring is needed. No sealant is ever required and no bacteria will ever grow on it.

Center Tiles 4' x 4' x 1/2" - 4' x 4' tiles offer less interlocking seams than that of smaller tiles. The result is a cleaner looking finish with less trapped dirt and debris. Each center tile features interlocking tabs on all four sides to allow them to connect to other center tiles or beveled corner and border tiles. Actual tile dimensions 46.71" x 46.71". Weight per tile: 45 lbs. (black) / 52 lbs. (color fleck).

Border Tiles (Beveled) 4' x 4' x 1/2" - Connects to center tiles as well as other border and corner tiles. The built-in beveled edge reduces tripping hazards and creates a beautiful transition from rubber tile to concrete, wood, tile or other sub-floors. Actual tile dimensions 46.71" x 46.71". Weight per tile: 45 lbs. (black) / 52 lbs. (color fleck).

Corner Tiles (Beveled) 4' x 4' x 1/2" - Connect to center tiles or other border tiles. Just like our garage gym puzzle mat border tiles, each corner tile includes beveled edges to allow easy transitioning from rubber floor tiles to other flooring surfaces. Actual tile dimensions 46.71" x 46.71". Weight per tile: 45 lbs. (black) / 52 lbs. (color fleck).

At IRON COMPANY® we pride ourselves on educating our customers and helping them make the best flooring decision possible based on their needs, fitness goals and budget. Please contact an IRON COMPANY® flooring expert today at 1-888-758-7527 if you have questions, need a quote or would like a free sample mailed to you.

Most IRON COMPANY® interlocking rubber flooring products can be found on the GSA Advantage website through our GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A.


  • Solid Black high tensile strength vulcanized rubber
  • 25% color concentration for single color or 35% color concentration for two color mix
  • 3 times stronger than rolled rubber (800 PSI per ASTM412)
  • Actual tile dimensions 46.71" x 46.71". Weight per tile: 45 lbs. (black) / 52 lbs. (color fleck).
  • Non-porous and non-absorbent
  • Loose lay product which is easy to install (no adhesive required)
  • Interlocking design allows tiles to be replaced if ever damaged. Allows easy expansion of flooring area.
  • Will not harbor or promote bacterial growth
  • Non-marking
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Non-skid TreadSafe™ diamond patterned surface texture - Traction control system for reliable footing in wet and dry conditions
  • "Clean and Fresh" mitigating agent added during manufacturing to reduce rubber smell
  • 100% Recycled
  • High quality recycled buffings (no crumb rubber)
  • Proudly Made in the USA
  • Shipping NOT included in pricing of individual tiles

Other Applications for Loktuff Indestructible Vulcanized Rubber Puzzle Flooring:

  • Weight Rooms
  • Dog Daycare and Kennels
  • Locker Rooms
  • Ice Rinks
  • Spike Protection
  • Golf Course
  • In-Line Skating
  • Cardio Decks
  • Multi-Purpose Areas

Humane Loktuff Flooring Color Options (click to enlarge)

Humane Loktuff Red Fleck rubber gym tiles
Humane Loktuff Yellow Fleck recycled rubber gym tiles
Humane Loktuff White Fleck vulcanized rubber tiles
Humane Loktuff Tan Fleck weight room flooring tiles
Humane Loktuff Green Fleck rubber weight room tiles
Humane Loktuff Glacier Fleck vulcanized puzzle tiles
Humane Loktuff Blue Fleck rubber flooring for gyms
Humane Lock tuff Red-White Fleck recycled rubber flooring
Humane Loktuff Yellow-White Fleck rubber flooring for weight rooms
Humane Loktuff Green-White Fleck recycled rubber puzzle tiles
Humane Loktuff Tan-White Fleck heavy-duty rubber flooring
Humane Loktuff Blue-White Fleck usa made rubber flooring
Humane Loktuff Glacier-White Fleck rubber flooring for strength equipment
Humane Loktuff Solid Black american made rubber flooring tiles
Solid Black

Click here to view Humane Guardian Flooring Installation and Maintenance Guidebook

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Shipping NOT Included
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