Low Bouncing Latex Free Weighted Exercise Balls -- Aeromat (358)

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Sizes: 2-30 lbs.
Uses: Schools, Home Gyms and Studios
Low Bouncing Latex Free Weighted Exercise Balls -- Aeromat (358) is available to buy in increments of 1

Low Bouncing Latex Free Weighted Exercise Balls - Latex free medicine balls are environmentally friendly and offer the same level of performance and resilience as other exercise balls. Aeromat Low Bounce rubber Med Balls offer a heavy-duty rubber shell and textured surface for added grip. Each exercise ball is color-coded with a large weight indicator making for easy selection, especially in group fitness or exercise class environments. Since they are low bounce, Aeromat Elite Deluxe heavy balls are great for wall ball exercises, abdominal training and core exercises, partner training, passing drills, and rebounder training. These are ideal for home use, school weight rooms, college fitness centers, athletic training centers, personal training studios, commercial gyms, hotel fitness rooms, rehabilitation centers, and more.

Latex free medicine balls for those with latex allergies - A latex allergy is the bodies reaction to certain proteins found in natural latex rubber. If you have a latex allergy, your body can mistake latex for a harmful substance making you experience allergic reactions such as a skin irritation. The Elite Deluxe Low Bounce Medicine Balls produced by the Aeromat company is free from latex therefore removing any chance of irritation for those who may have this sensitivity. Latex free medicine balls have also been shown to be more eco-friendly due to the absence of various potentially toxic chemicals.

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Singles Include:

  • 35860 (1) Aeromat - 2 lbs. Red/Black
  • 35861 (1) Aeromat - 4 lbs. Orange/Black
  • 35862 (1) Aeromat - 6 lbs. Yellow/Black
  • 35863 (1) Aeromat - 8 lbs. Purple/Black
  • 35864 (1) Aeromat - 10 lbs. Blue/Black
  • 35865 (1) Aeromat - 12 lbs. Green/Black
  • 35866 (1) Aeromat - 15 lbs. Gray/Black
  • 35867 (1) Aeromat - 18 lbs. Copper/Black
  • 35868 (1) Aeromat - 20 lbs. Yellow/Black
  • 35869 (1) Aeromat - 25 lbs. Purple/Black
  • 35870 (1) Aeromat - 30 lbs. Blue/Black


  • Made from latex free materials
  • Heavy-duty solid construction will not burst or go flat
  • Ball Diameters: 2 and 4 lb. = 7.75"
  • Ball Diameters: 6-12 lb. = 9"
  • Ball Diameters: 15 and 18 lb. = 10"
  • Ball Diameters: 20-30 lb. = 10.8"
  • Weather resistant, non-slip gripping surface
  • Holds shape at all times
  • Light starter weights ideal for kids and beginner medicine ball users
  • Two-tone colors make ball weight identification easy
  • Essential for core and upper body strength training
  • Excellent for throwing & catching exercises
  • Great for both individual and group exercises
  • Low bouncing structure, great companion for working with rebounder
  • Large weight indicator
  • Easy to clean


  • Schools
  • Home gyms
  • Garage gyms
  • Outdoor boot camps and physical education classes
  • Personal training studios
  • Performance training centers
  • Rehabilitation
  • Hotel fitness rooms

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