Strong Medicine Paperback Book -- Ironcompany (DD-B79)

604 Page Paperback
By Marty Gallagher & Dr. Chris Hardy
Strong Medicine Paperback Book by Marty Gallagher and Chris Hardy
Strong Medicine Paperback Book by Marty Gallagher and Chris Hardy
Strong Medicine Paperback Book by Marty Gallagher and Chris Hardy

Strong Medicine makes the unintelligible understandable

Strong medicine, to use co-author Marty Gallaghers phrase, is a transformational handbook. The book was an outgrowth of the frequent conversations between Doctor Chris Hardy and strength sage Marty Gallagher. At some point it occurred to these two stalwarts that their in-depth conversations might prove of interest to the public. Being that Gallagher is indisputably the finest fitness writer of his generation, a book seemed natural.

What they didnt realize was the project would take three painstaking years and would morph from a pre-project estimate of 150 pages into the 600-page monster. Chris recalled, The book took on a life of its own; it became Vulcan mind-meld where we downloaded and committed to print every bit of our collective knowledge. The more we did, the more inspired we became.

Both Hardy and Gallagher are artists and this artistic streak came through in the design and layout of the book. Chris and I wanted to make a strong visual statement that would compliment and enhance our written message. Every book of this type has three component parts: the written text, the photos and the captions. We had strong ideas about how the book should look.

Chris and Carrie (Dr. Hardys better half) created and photographed the insanely clever graphics used in Strong Medicine as visual aides and learning tools. Chris said, We took our ideas to our publisher, John DuCane and he and Derrick Brigham became collaborators in our vision. We could not be more pleased with the final finished product.

Doctor Chris Hardy Sports Medicine and Nutrition Expert

Who is Dr. Chris Hardy? Chris Hardy is an unusual man that has had an action filled life: as a musician, he won a full scholarship to the most prestigious jazz school in the world, Berkley. He turned it down and joined the US Army. He left after four years and ended up joining the Navy where he became an elite deep-sea diver. Along the way he became a medical doctor. He served as a ship physician during Operation Enduring Freedom. The Navy thought so highly of Chris that they sent him to Johns Hopkins for advanced training. He left the military after thirteen years. No armchair quarterback, he practices what he preaches and combines hardcore lifting with mountain biking and Brazilian jujitsu.

Marty Gallagher Powerlifter, Olympic Weightlifter and Coach

Who is Marty Gallagher? Marty Gallagher won his first national lifting title and set his first national records in 1967 as a teenage Olympic weightlifter. Gallagher won his most recent national title and set his most recent national (age group) records in powerlifting 2013. Along the way he has won the IPF world title and six national powerlifting championships in three different bodyweight classes. He coached for Team USA, the world championship powerlifting team in 1991 and coached Blacks Gym to six national team titles. As a writer he has had over 1,000 articles published since 1976, including 235 columns for the Washington Post and 85 feature articles as a training editor for Muscle and Fitness magazine.

Do yourself a favor and purchase a copy of this amazing book written by true heavyweights. They have a message: no matter what shape your body and health, no matter if you are elite or sickly, this book contains the knowledge needed to transform into a healthier, stronger, fitter and more vibrant version of what you currently are. The design is a visual treat. This book truly makes important and often complex medical and fitness concepts understandable. These men state the problems and offer common-sense solutions. Pick up a copy of this transformational handbook ASAP.

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Strong Medicine Additional Info:

  • Dimensions: 11 L x 8.5 W x 1 1/8 H
  • Pages: 604

Whats In The Book?:

  • Introduction: How to become a chiseled and powerful war machine Page 3
  • Basic Training I Central Themes in Disease and Health Page 6
  • Central Themes Part II The GeneEnvironment connection Page 16
  • Central Themes Part III Hormesis Page 22
  • Central Themes Part IV Stress and the Response to Threat Page 30
  • Central Themes Part V Allostasis Page 39
  • Basic Training II Nutrition and Metabolism 101 Page 47
  • Basic Training II Nutrition and Metabolism 101 Macronutrients Page 55
  • Basic Training II Nutrition and Metabolism 101 Metabolism Basics Page 98
  • Knowing Your Enemy I The Gut: Guardian at the Gate Page 122
  • Guardian of the Gate: Triggers of Intestinal Inflammation Page 133
  • Obesitysingle biggest threat to 21st Century public health Page 170
  • How We Get Fat: The Brain, Hormones and Appetite Page 208
  • Intervention: the 8-Step Program for Obesity and Diabetes Page 221
  • Knowing Your Enemy III Chronic Stress, The Silent Killer Page 265
  • Chronic Stress II Mind Intervention Page 293
  • Knowing Your Enemy IV Circadian Disruption: Thief in the Night Page 312
  • Sleep Architecture: Building a Good Nights Sleep Page 322
  • Circadian Disruption, The Consequences of a Broken Clock Page 329
  • Part III Battle Plan Physical Training: Unlocking Your Bodys Potential Page 361
  • Physical Training II King Squat Page 368
  • Physical Training III The Deadlift, Healthful Crown Prince of the Posterior Page 383
  • Physical Training IV Bench Press and Overhead Press Page 396
  • Physical Training V Page 405
  • Physical Training VI Strong Medicine Abs Page 412
  • Physical Training VII Strong Medicine Basic Cardio Page 420
  • Physical Training VIII Strong Medicine High Intensity Cardio Page 424
  • Burst Cardio Individualized HIIT Page 428
  • Physical Training IX Exercise Programming Page 431
  • Battle Plan II Strong Medicine Nutrition: Individualized Strategies Food Sources and Quality Page 447
  • Individualized Strategies II "Carbohydrate Tolerance - Page 465
  • Individualized Strategies III Feed Your Activity Page 469
  • Caloric Restriction and "Low Carb Diets Page 474
  • Individualized Strategies IV One Week of Food Page 477
  • Battle Plan III Putting It All Together Lifestyle Change Page 493
  • Putting It All Together II Strong Medicine Lifestyle Change Strategic Planning Page 496
  • Battle Plan IV Analytics "Stuff You Can Measure - Page 503
  • Stuff You Can Measure I Cholesterol: What Are We Measuring? - Page 509
  • Stuff You Can Measure II Physical Measurements Page 534
  • Stuff You Can Measure III Markers of Inflammation Page 541
  • Stuff You Can Measure IV Heart Rate Variability (HRV) - Page 541

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