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Olympic Fractional Plates - 0.5 lb each (Set of 8) -- Iron Bull Strength (8PP0.5)

8PP0.5 ProdID_20890
4 lbs total - Solid Steel

Iron Bull Strength 1/2 Pound Fractional Plates - Micro-load for weight lifting, power lifting, bodybuilding, strength training, and technique training with these Olympic hex fractional plates. One of the issues faced by many lifters in strength training programs is dealing with jumps in weight or forced rounding to 5 lb increments (i.e. 2.5 lb plates on an Olympic bar being the smallest standard). This is far worse for novice/weaker lifters or for lifts that don't allow as much weight. For example, 5 lb is only a 1% increment for a 500 lb squatter but it's 2.5% for a 200 lb squatter and 5% for a lifter with a 100 lbs overhead press which eventually kills your progress and your strength/muscle gains.

Enter micro loading training, a great technique to push through a plateau and make real, continual progress week after week. Olympic fractional weight plates allow you to make weight increases in as little as one pound on any barbell exercise such as bench press, squats, deadlift, overhead presses, curls, tricep extensions, shrugs, and barbell rows. Adding 1 pound to your lifts might not seem big to you. However, after a year, this incremental progression would translate into a 52 pound increase on ALL your lifts. Now, THAT'S progress! Whether you are trying to break a record in competition or just looking to increase your personal best, fractional change plates will help you reach the next level in training.

IronBull Strength fractional plate kits include eight fractional plates weighing one-half pound each. This allows you to bridge the gap with the small 2.5 lb plates available at your gym and make continuous progress every workout!


  • (8) 0.5 lb solid steel Olympic Plates (4 lbs. total)


  • High-end steel construction
  • Fits Olympic style bars (2 center diameter)
  • Hex shaped
  • Plate width 4.25
  • Plate thickness 3/8


  • Each pair of plates allows for a 1 lb jump at a time on barbell exercises
  • Allow to target weight increase by 1 lb increments every week on every exercise
  • Build more muscle and strength faster
  • Use on all major lifts: Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead presses, Bench presses, Barbell Rows, Curls and Skull Crushers

Workout recommendation:
Aim for a 2% increase in weights on ALL your lifts every week. That would be a 1 lb increase on 50 lb barbell biceps curls or 4 lb increase on 225 lb bench press. Smaller steady progress will always beat no progress at all!

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