RAGE Resistance Band Pull-Up Assist System -- RAGE Fitness (CF-10020)

Bar Strap, Quick Link, and (3) Resistance Bands
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Rage Fitness

RAGE® Fitness Supply Pull Up Assist System How do you make pull-ups easier using resistance bands? When executing pull-ups and chin-ups, many people have difficulty at the very bottom of the movement, in what is known as the dead hang position. Using elastic bands from this static starting position works as a springboard to start the movement, allowing you to more easily initiate a full-range pull-up from start to finish. Using resistance bands in this manner still forces you to finish the exercise mostly on your own, since the band assistance effect will become less and less as the exerciser pulls towards the bar and shortens stretch on the elastic loop. The RAGE Pull-Up Assist is the perfect trainer for pull-ups. It allows athletes to benefit from a full range of motion with a little boost from RAGE technology. Three resistance bands allow the user to progressively increase or decrease the amount of elastic assistance. Now you can perform pull-ups more easily and with more reps than can do with your own body weight alone.


  • (1) Bar Attachment Strap
  • (1) Delta Quick Link
  • (3) Resistance Bands - 30 lbs. of Resistance each


  • Heavy-duty pull up assist system
  • Teaches and assists with proper pull up technique
  • Pull up bar NOT included

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Instructions for Use:
Step 1: Loop one end of Bar Strap over pull-up bar and slide through Delta Quick Link. Resistance bands should hang freely at the bottom of the Delta Quick Link.
Step 2: Close Delta Quick Link with tightening screw to keep Bar Strap secure.
Step 3: Get into Pull Up Assist using plyo box or chair that is elevated and off to the side so that it doesnt interfere with pull up motion.
Step 4: Pull one resistance band down and place under single foot. For more assist pull second and third bands down and place under same foot.
Step 5: Grab onto pull-up bar and position yourself so that the assist system is pulling straight up and down the midline of body, keeping one leg straight with bands underfoot, and the other leg crossed over at the feet.
Step 6: Perform pull-ups to desired rep range or to failure.


  • Shipping Dimensions: 9.5" x 3" x 2.5"
  • Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.

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