Power Hooks by Country Power are used for dumbbell training, specifically dumbbell bench presses. Each pair quickly and easily attaches to dumbbell handles on hex dumbbells, pro-style dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells and about any other dumbbell on the market.

Power Hooks dumbbell hooks are built to provide more controlled and safer dumbbell workouts. Un-racking and re-racking dumbbells while using Power Hooks is easy and prevents the user from having to pick up dumbbells off the floor before a set or throwing them down after a set. They also make a great way for a partner to effectively spot while performing presses instead of having to push up on the elbows.

Need more info on how to get more out of your dumbbell workout with Power Hooks? Let an Ironcompany.com fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.

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