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recycled fitness equipment including rubber gym flooring, medicine balls and commercial gym equipment. Self Generating cardio equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, steppers and exercise bikes.

Recycled and Green Fitness Equipment and Rubber Gym Flooring Products are items deemed to be environmentally friendly through manufacturing processes which incorporate post-consumer materials within their finished product or have very little dependency, if any, on our power grid. In an effort to assist those consumers that prefer to support our environment by purchasing “green” products, we have added multiple environmentally friendly gym equipment products to our Green Purchasing page.

Recycled Artificial Turf - Not only does artificial turf save large amounts of water and prevent harmful fertilizers from leaching into the ground and running off into our storm drains, but it actually incorporates recycled crumb rubber, or infill, which is used to keep the blades upright.

Recycled Rubber Gym Flooring - Many types of gym flooring is made from recycled tires. Rolled rubber, interlocking tiles, weight equipment mats and cardio equipment mats are made from recycled truck and passenger tires that are shredded and fully processed into crumb rubber which is then mixed with a polyurethane binding agent. This crumb rubber and urethane mix is poured into molds and then turned into the products you see in the gym.

Recycled Barbell Plates - Just like rubber flooring, some bumper plate brands include recycled crumb rubber to manufacture their bumper plates with. This crumb rubber is then vulcanized for superior strength having a higher tensile strength than virgin rubber. Hitechplate technique plates are also recycled, but from milk jugs. This special molding process makes for an almost indestructible plate.

Medicine Balls with Recycled Fiber Filling - The 10" Junior Medicine Balls, 14" Medicine Balls, and 22" Atlas Strongman Medicine Balls by RAGE Fitness are essentially stuffed with recycled materials that include crumb rubber harvested from old truck and passenger tires and shredded plastic from recycled bottles. This not only gives each ball a nice soft feel, but also allows us to do our part in cleaning up our environment while we exercise.

Energy Saving Cardio Equipment - SportsArt commercial exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and stair climbers are self-generating and need no power source. And self-generating does not mean light on bells and whistles. SportsArt commercial cardio equipment includes the same advanced technology and programs as the plug-in brands.

Need help finding Recycled or Self Generating fitness equipment? Let an IRON COMPANY fitness equipment expert assist you today at 1-888-758-7527.