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PowerBlock Inc. Selectorized Dumbbells, SportsBlocks, Kettleblocks and Dumbbell Stands - PowerBlock brought the world the first “selectorized dumbbell” back in 1993. PowerBlock’s were a breakthrough for people that wanted a full set of dumbbells but didn’t have the room or budget to do so. Today PowerBlock dumbbells are offered in various weight sets for both residential and commercial use.

PowerBlock Residential and Commercial Dumbbell Sets - Looking for a light dumbbell set that is compact and affordable? The Sports Series selectorized dumbbell sets by PowerBlock begin with a manageable 3-24 lb. set called the SportsBlock. The Elite 50 set is one of our best sellers and gives the user a mid-range 5-50 lb. dumbbell set in 5 lb and every other 2.5 lb. increments. For the heavy lifter, check out the Elite-70 and Elite-90 Sports Blocks that are adjustable up to 70 and 90 pounds respectively. Need a dumbbell rack? PowerBlock offers custom built racks for all their sets.

PowerBlock Selectorized Kettlebells - Consolidate a kettlebell set up to 40 lbs. into a single kettlebell with the selectorized KettleBlock 40 which gives you an 8-40 lb. set, or 8 sizes total, in just one kettlebell. Keep your KettleBlock’s off the ground and within reach with a KettleBlock stand.

PowerBlock Dumbbell Stands and Dumbbell Benches - Keep your dumbbell sets up and off the ground with any one of these quality built column stands by PowerBlock. Each rack features a specially designed tray to keep your dumbbells safely stored and ready for your next workout. Any good dumbbell exercise program deserves an equally good bench. Perform all your upper body dumbbell exercises on an adjustable PowerBlock bench.

Replace a whole room of dumbbells!
PowerBlocks® -The most space-saving efficent compact dumbbell system on the planet!

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