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Stroops Slastix Cobra Pro Striker Use the Cobra Pro once and youll know why everyone whos used it has become a raving fan. Created exclusively by Stroops, the Cobra Pros unique train-while-you-play design is transforming the way athletes train. Currently used by fighters in the top MMA facilities worldwide, the Cobra Pro has no rival. For the first time, fighters have the means to build upper-body explosiveness while engaging in combat sports. Comprised of a single Slastix® that attaches through the shoulder harness to two punch cuffs, the Cobra Pro supplies built-in resistance and allows fighters full freedom of movement while performing punches, hooks, jabs, blocking, and virtually any other upper-body strike. The Cobra Pro also improves the arms ability to repeatedly retract from a strike immediately to a defensive or offensive hand position. With Slastix-generated resistance against the key upper-body muscle groups, fighters build strength where they need it most, maximizing every second of training.


  • (2) Wrist/Hand Punch Cuffs
  • (1) Slastix®
  • (1) Shoulder Harness

For the first time, athletes have the means to build upper body explosiveness while playing sports or engaging in drills. Comprised of a single Slastix that attaches from the shoulder harness to both hand straps (see photo), athletes have full freedom of movement while practicing resisted chest passes, medicine ball throws, resisted pushups, blocking and virtually any other upper-body sports-specific drill.

How It Works:
Before putting on the harness, ensure that the Slastix is looped through the back of the harness and attached to each handcuff. Put on each handcuff by placing the thumb through the orange loop and the D-ring on the palm side of the wrist. Wrap Velcro around each wrist so that cuff is snug but comfortable. Put on the shoulder harness by putting each arm through the strap. Adjust the shoulder straps for a snug fit.

Stroops Slastix Cobra Pro Striker

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Slastix Cobra Pro Striker | Stroops (COBRAPRO)
Slastix Cobra Pro Striker | Stroops (COBRAPRO)