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Stroops Slastix Explosive Kick The preferred lower-body striking tool of many of the best fighters in the world, the Explosive Kick delivers the most intensive lower-body workout possible. With the Explosive Kicks resistance and assistance, fighters gain lower-body power and improved technique and balance. Designed to pull the athlete from the ankles, the Slastix bands provide instantaneous feedback. If the striker does NOT turn the hips a full 90 degrees, the abdominal muscles must work twice as hard to provide a less powerful kick than if they were to complete the turn. As athletes practice front kicks, the Slastix triggers the lower abdominals to engage, and at the same time, pulls striker in a more backward-leaning position, which is ideal for extending the kick further forward.


  • (2) Ankle Cuffs
  • (2) Slastix®
  • (1) Anchor

More commonly used to train a powerful whip kick, the Explosive Kick is proving to be very successful in the grappling world as it relates to sprawling & stand up exercises. Straps around the feet fit over or above the shoe around the ankle. Resistance levels increase the further from the anchor you get as to teach the athlete to FINISH the move.

When using the Explosive Kick in a takedown the athletes' first step is resisted to give the sense of immediate depth into the opponent allowing the hands to soon follow. This lower body resistance incorporates lower abdominal muscles, hip flexors & quadriceps in the pursuit of taking down the opponent.

In the sense of an escape, The Explosive Kick teaches the feel to escape from under the body into a sitting or standing position. The sense that someone is or may be reaching for the foot requires an immediate aggressive move to maintain or get control back. Your body's movement again begins with the abdominal muscles and hips to extend and maximize the movement. Once the muscles have "felt" the movement our mind creates a synapse. The more we continue to perform these exercises the greater & faster this channel of information passes through our body into action.

When using this product in "reverse" or with the resistance in front. Many grapplers are using the Explosive Kick in a defensive position & provide resistance to a sprawl.

How It Works:
First fasten the ankle straps snugly around each ankle, with the D-ring in back. Next, attach both Slastix bands to the anchor (such as a fence or pole); then attach one Slastix band to each of the D-rings on the ankle straps. With the band extended, you are ready to practice kicks, takedowns, escapes and other lower-body movements. The resistance forces the hips to turn fully before extending the lower leg, which improves the fighters form and balance in the round. (Note: It is recommended to wear a shirt while training).

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Stroops Slastix Explosive Kick

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Slastix Explosive Kick | Stroops (KICK)
Slastix Explosive Kick | Stroops (KICK)