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Stroops Slastix Leap Frog - Perhaps Stroops' most versatile partner-training product, the Leapfrog was designed to focus on over speedor maximum speedtraining. Just like a game of leapfrog, two partners wearing waist belts (one athlete and a trainer or other athlete) are joined via a 4-foot Slastix while the two take turns shuffling, back-pedaling, or engaging in a variety of sports-specific performance drills. While simultaneously running, the Leapfrog utilizes the individuals own speed and weight to provide a gradual resistance for their partner as the lead athlete runs ahead of the other until maximum resistance is nearly achieved. At this point, the trailing runner is pulled forward in a burst of speed, as they alternate coaxing each other to spring forward adapting to a longer stride while improving their strength. Ideal for resistance running, acceleration training, overspeed training, power running, and sport specific training.


  • (2) Waist Belts
  • (1) 4 Slastix®


  • Unit Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 2.7 lbs

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