Spri Xertube w/Handles and Sleeve -- Spri (07-7013)

Resistance: Very Light to Ultra Heavy
Hard Handles w/Sleeve

Spri Xertube with Handles and Sleeve - Spri Xertubes with Sleeves offer the same training versatility as the original Xertube with one big advantage, the sleeve! Why is a sleeve such an important feature on a workout resistance tube with handles? It offers much more abrasion resistance for the tube itself greatly extending the life of the tube and increasing the number of anchor points that can be used while exercising. Exercise tube sleeve are ideal for standing on with or without shoes when doing arm curls, shoulder presses and squats. Loop your tubes around anchor points that otherwise may not be suitable for bare exercise tubing material to perform exercises such as lat rows and chest presses. The Spri Xertube variable resistance exercise tubes are compact and lightweight and can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Spri Xertubes With Sleeves Include:

  • 07-70131 - (1) Yellow Very Light Xertube Hard Handles/Sleeves
  • 07-70132 - (1) Green Light Xertube Hard Handles/Sleeves
  • 07-70133 - (1) Red Medium Xertube Hard Handles/Sleeves
  • 07-70134 - (1) Blue Heavy Xertube Hard Handles/Sleeves
  • 07-70135 - (1) Purple Ultra Heavy Xertube Hard Handles/Sleeves
  • 07-70131-35 - (1 each) Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and Purple Xertubes Hard Handles/Sleeves

Spri Xertubes With Sleeves Sizing Chart:

  • 07-70131 Yellow Very Light Xertube 44 Long
  • 07-70132 - Green Light Xertube 44 Long
  • 07-70133 - Red Medium Xertube 50 Long
  • 07-70134 - Blue Heavy Xertube 53 Long
  • 07-70135 Purple Ultra Heavy Xertube 53 Long
  • ,All tubes include a 34 rubber sleeve

Spri Xertubes With Sleeves Features:

  • Resistance: 5 variable resistance levels to choose from
  • Handles: Includes hard plastic handles
  • Colors: Color coded for easy resistance identification
  • Sleeve: Each tube includes a 34 rubber protective sleeve
  • Quality: High quality, heavy-duty rubber tubing resists tears and abrasions
  • Downloadable exercise guide included
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport or storage

Spri Xertubes With Sleeves Exercise Examples:

  • Shoulder Side Raise
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lunges
  • Front Shoulder Raise
  • Chest Fly
  • Arm Curl
  • Shoulder Press
  • Squats

Click here for Xertube Exercise Instruction Guide

Spri Xertubes With Sleeves Benefits:

  • Increases muscle tone and strength
  • Promotes increase blood flow
  • Offers variable resistance
  • Provides constant tension on targeted muscles throughout entire range of motion
  • Safe for all ages and fitness levels
  • Ideal for rehabilitation
  • Lightweight and portable

Shipping Included

All Resistance Tubes and Sets = UPS cost included within the lower 48 states only.

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