X-Series TRIPLEPLYO 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Cube - 20", 24", 30" – Torque Fitness (XTPI-20-24-30)

Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Cube for Plyometric Training
Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Cube for Plyometric Training
Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Cube for Plyometric Training Torque Fitness X-Series TRIPLEPLYO Soft Jumping Box for Plyo Jumps Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO Soft Plyo Cube with All Foam Construction Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO Soft Plyometric Box Top View at 20 Inch Height Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO Soft Plyo Platform Top View at 24 Inch Height Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO Soft Plyometric Cube Top View at 30 Inch Height Torque Fitness TRIPLEPLYO Plyo Box with Non Skid Landing Zones

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Torque Fitness X-Series TRIPLEPLYO Soft Plyo Cube The TRIPLEPLYO Soft Plyo Cube from Torque Fitness is a vinyl-covered six-sided training box with all foam construction featuring three heights for box jumps and other plyometric training exercises. As part of the Torque Fitness X-Series family of cross-training and functional training equipment, the TRIPLEPLYO plyometric jumping box is an essential training tool for any sports performance or athletic training facility, crossfit box, group fitness boot camp, or commercial gym. Plyometric boxes are key to improving explosive power, vertical velocity, agility and coordination, and lower body strength. Safely perform box jumps, burpee box jumps, step ups, lateral step overs, burpee step overs, elevated push ups, elevated knee touches, split squats, and other exercises without worrying about painful crashes or injuries. Rather than taking up valuable square footage in training zones like multiple steel or wood plyo boxes of various heights, the TRIPLEPLYO utilizes its cube shape with 6 sides to offer facilities a 3-in-1 space saving solution. The high visibility colored markings make it easy to know what height you are jumping to and the 20", 24" and 30" are the same heights used in competition at the CrossFit Games.

BUILT TO LAST. While there are other soft plyometric cubes on the market, the TRIPLEPLYO stands out from the rest due to its "overbuilt" construction and the fact that it stays put during use. At 55 pounds in weight, the TRIPLEPLYO outweighs most other soft cubes by a good 20 pounds, mostly because of its solid, all foam construction. This is not a simple wooden or plastic box covered in a layer of foam around all sides, but rather a dense urethane foam core providing weight and stability that is surrounded by softer polyethylene foam that is forgiving on the joints upon impact. Each side of the foam plyo box features a unique grabber material which makes your feet stick on every jump for a safe landing with sure footing. This grabber material also acts as a non-skid surface on the side of the cube opposite from the landing zone where it makes contact with the floor, meaning your cube will not slide or topple even on smoother ground surfaces such as carpet, artificial turf, or polished concrete. The landing zone on each side also uses 30-ounce vinyl (heavier grade than any on the market) to protect against tears and abrasion from high velocity impact. The use of UV stabilized mildew-resistant vinyl on the TRIPLEPLYO means that your plyo cube exterior will be better protected against premature hardening and cracking due to sweat or moisture in humid environments.

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  • Commercial-grade
  • Soft sided
  • 3 different heights - 20" (51 cm), 24" (61 cm), 30" (76 cm)
  • All foam construction consisting of an extra firm urethane core and softer laminated polyethylene foam on outside
  • 30 oz. UV stabilized mildew-resistant expanded vinyl non-skid landing zones
  • 18 oz. UV stabilized mildew-resistant non-expanded coated polyester vinyl zipper cover
  • Brightly colored height indicators in yellow, purple, and blue with both inch and centimeter markings
  • 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship


  • Product dimensions: 20" x 24" x 30" (51 cm x 61 cm x 76 cm)
  • Product weight: 55 lbs.
  • Center Core Rebonded Foam Density: 8 lbs. per cubic foot
  • Outer Rebonded Foam Density: 2 lbs. per cubic foot
  • Shipping dimensions: 21" x 25" x 31"
  • Shipping weight: 56 lbs.

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