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T-Grip Barbell - Parallel grip or neutral grip pressing has been around for a long time; and there are different bars, logs and machines that are used for parallel grip pressing or pulling. Ninety-nine percent of these bars are spin-offs of the widely known multi parallel grip triceps bar with the rectangle center.

However, the innovative designs of T-Grip Barbells are different than any other parallel grip bar. The T-Grip barbell has the advantage of a straight bar in the center, between the vertical handles. This will enable you to perform certain movements and exercises that are difficult or impossible to perform with other parallel grip bars.

The T-Grip Barbell is the only parallel grip bar that can be used as an Olympic sized ez-curl bar, which makes this auniversal bar that can be used for the widest range of exercises.

The T-Grip bar was designed specifically to have the feel and look of the traditional Olympic barbell with vertical handles. The ergonomic placement of the handles on the single-handle T-Grip bar is set for the average person or athlete; the double-handle bar has the option of a narrow or wider grip.

The look and feel of the T-Grip barbell is like no other. The comfortable knurled handles will allow you to perform yourtraining with confidence, as you work with the strength, stability and balance of the T-Grip barbell. All T-Grip products have precision-machined parts made from premium steel, and all welds and fabrication are of the highest quality. Each T-Grip Barbell has the Trademark logo metal-stamped on it. This ensures that you have purchased an original patent pending T-Grip barbell – one of the fastest growing brands in the fitness world.