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Surge Performance Training - Surge makes machines for total body functional training and rehab that combine strength, cardio, and flexibility into every movement and exercise. Our goal is to help users accelerate workout and rehab results, functionally and safely. As humans we move, play, and compete on our feet, and Surge machines use patent-pending ground-based design that requires users to train standing up. This ground-based approach trains movements from the feet up and connects the muscular chains that generate the power and balance you need to throw a jab, swing a golf club, or strip a block. Surge machines use gravity-free hydraulics, not weights, to create resistance. We call this Omnikinetic Resistance (OMKR) and it is based on decades of exercise science and high performance results. No gravity means no external loading on joints, muscles, and connective tissue. This allows you to train aggressively without fear of injury. Surge resistance requires a two-way, “push / pull” dynamic vs. the “push and resist” of typical weight-bearing exercise. Push / Pull activates twice the muscle fibers and puts more stress on the cardiovascular system. The result is an intense, free-flowing, resistance-based workout that trains full movement patterns, and allows for very high metabolic intensity in a short period of time. Surge 360 and Surge 180 users include elite and professional athletes, high performance gyms and training centers, and physical therapy centers.