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42" Multi-Grip T-Bar Row Handle Olympic Bar Attachment -- Valor Fitness (MB-42)

Olympic Bar, Weight Plates, and Post Landmine NOT Included

Valor Fitness MB-42 Multi-Grip Rowing Bar Attachment for Olympic Bars The MB-42 Multi-Grip Machine Bar from Valor Fitness is a strength training bar which when attached to an Olympic bar allows bent over row exercises to build strength and mass in the back muscles. This type of exercise configuration is commonly known as a T-bar row due to the T shape created by the bar attachment handle intersecting the Olympic bar at a perpendicular angle. The bent over row exercise targets and develops the latissimus dorsi (middle back), trapezius (upper back), erector spinae (lower back), posterior deltoid (rear shoulder), and rhomboid muscles. The MB-42 Multi-Grip Bar is intended for use with an Olympic bar, Olympic weight plates or bumper plates, and a landmine at ground level on the opposite end. Choose from any of five different gripping areas positioned from narrow to wide along the 42 inch bar. Between the narrow parallel grip (also called neutral grip) and the widest straight handle grip are two sets of handles that are ergonomically angled at 15 degrees for proper biomechanics and comfort on the wrist when performing a bent over row. For a sure grip even with sweaty hands each handle position and bar ends are covered with high density rubber grips. Those who prefer to use chalk or lifting straps may remove the rubber handles and grip the knurled one inch diameter steel bar directly. Also, there is exposed knurling in the middle of the bar on each side between the angled handles creating a fifth grip zone for mid row with straight hand position. The shortened attachment sleeve allows more room for plates on the end of the Olympic bar for heavy T-bar rows as compared to other brands with longer sleeves that may limit your maximum weight load.

How do you use the Valor Fitness Multi-Grip Rowing Bar Attachment? Start by taking your Olympic barbell and inserting it into your landmine station or post landmine trainer. Or, position the end of the Olympic bar into a corner of your workout room or against the inside base of your squat cage where the framing meets at a right angle. Next, slide the Valor Multi-Grip Row Bar Attachment over the opposite end of the Olympic bar and down the barbell sleeve until it rests against the bar sleeve collar. Finally, slide one or more Olympic plates or bumper plates over the same end of the Olympic Bar until they rest against the top of the Rowing Bar Attachment. The weight of the plates will keep the attachment from sliding on the bar sleeve during use. With a secure grip take hold of the MB-42 handle grips in one of five wide or narrow positions. With knees slightly bent and back arched at 45-degree angle, lift rowing bar towards lower chest or abdomen. Weight plate(s) will then lift from starting position at ground level and act as resistance for leverage workout.

Training Tip: To increase range of motion, instead of 45 pound plates use smaller diameter plates (such as 25 pound plates) in greater numbers to create the desired load weight. This will allow a deeper stretch before plates hit the ground.


  • Heavy duty steel tube construction for strength and durability
  • Matte black powder-coated finish
  • Sleeve opening: 2" diameter compatible with standard Olympic size barbell
  • Shortened attachment sleeve allows more room for plates loaded onto end of Olympic bar
  • Handles: 1" diameter solid steel with knurling beneath removable high density rubber grips (1-1/4" diameter including grip)
  • (5) hand grip positions:
    • Narrow Parallel Grip Handles (neutral grip, spaced 6" apart center to center)
    • Medium Angled Grip Handles (15 degree angle, spaced 16-3/4" apart at attachment point)
    • Wide Angled Grip Handles (15 degree angle, spaced 28-1/2" apart at attachment point)
    • Medium Grip Straight with Knurling (between Medium Angled and Wide Angled Grip Handle positions, spaced 22-5/8" apart center to center grip)
    • Wide Grip Straight Handles (spaced 37" apart center to center grip)
  • 350 lb. maximum weight capacity
  • Olympic bar, weight plates, and post landmine attachment sold separately


  • Unit dimensions: 41-7/8" L x 6-5/8" W x 4-3/4" H
  • Unit weight: 18 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 44" x 10" x 6"
  • Shipping weight: 19 lbs.

MB-42 schematics and dimensions (click to enlarge)

Valor Fitness MB-42 Multi-Grip Row Bar Attachment for Olympic Bar

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