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Fold-Away Wall Mounted Dip Station -- Valor Fitness (DP-2)


Valor Fitness DP-2 Wall Mount Dip Station - The DP-2 from Valor Fitness is a commercial-rated, wall mounted dip handle station which allows the exerciser to perform the dip exercise for triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles. Constructed of heavy duty steel and capable of holding up to 400 pounds when properly mounted, the DP-2 Dip Station is perfectly suited for body weight dips as well as weighted dips (using a dip belt attached to a dumbbell or weight plate). In crossfit boxes and other athletic training zones where open floor space is preferred and free-standing strength equipment such as a traditional dip stand would get in the way, the Wall Mount Dip Station creates a space saving solution. When not in use, the Dip Station can be stored with dip handles folded down in a vertical position, extending only 4 inches out from the wall. When its time to train, pivot the dip handle assembly upwards to a horizontal position, and secure the support bar on the underside at a 45-degree angle with the locking pin. The dip handles are angled outwards on each side, so the farther back you grip towards the end of the handles, the wider the dip exercise can be performed. This allows different muscle focus on the chest and triceps in addition to accommodating both smaller and larger size exercisers. The dip handles themselves have a textured powder coated finish for a secure grip that will also hold chalk better during intense training. The Valor Fitness Wall Mount Dip Station will help you increase strength and muscle endurance, as well as pack on muscle mass from heavy-duty upper body training.

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  • (1) Wall Mount Dip Station


  • Heavy duty 11-gauge steel for strength and durability
  • Compact wall-mounted design to eliminate need for floor space
  • Fold-away design to take up even less space when not in use
  • Support bar locks in place beneath dip handles using removable locking pin with knob for easy handling
  • Black Matte textured powder coat finish
  • 45mm (1-3/4") diameter dip bars with rubber end caps
  • Outside width of handles at widest point 25 inches
  • Inside width of handles at narrowest point 11 inches
  • 5mm thick backing plate is 11" high and 11" wide at top / 6" wide at bottom
  • Five 8mm diameter mounting holes on backing plate (three at top / two at bottom)
  • Wood screws included for installation (see installation recommendations below)
  • Structural weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Years under normal use within specified weight load guidelines


  • Product dimensions (in use): 25" W x 12" H x 22" D (from wall)
  • Product dimensions (folded): 25" W x 22" H x 4" D (from wall)
  • Product weight: 15 lbs.
  • Shipping dimensions: 27" W x 23" H x 4"
  • Shipping weight: 16 lbs.

Valor Fitness DP-2 Measurements
Valor Fitness DP-2 Wall Mount Dip Station Measurements
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NOTE: It is strongly recommended to hire a professional to ensure proper installation to wall with correct type of hardware as well as account for load bearing tolerances of mounting hardware and wall. Regularly inspect the Wall Mount Dip Station at attachment points to ensure that the product is safe and secure for its intended load weight. DO NOT attach to wall with dry wall anchors only. For stud wall installation it may be preferable to first bolt Dip Station to plywood or hardwood backer board, and then attach backer board to wall at wooden studs (typically spaced 16 apart on center).For installation to brick or concrete block wall, Dip Station can be attached directly with proper masonry anchors.

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