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24" x 36" Laminated Fitness Poster / Wall Chart - Dumbbell Exercises – Productive Fitness (CDL)


Productive Fitness Laminated Wall Chart Fitness Poster - Dumbbell Exercises – Dumbbell Exercise Posters from Productive Fitness are 24" x 36" laminated wall charts designed as visual guides for proper use of dumbbells for increasing muscle definition, strength, and size. Simple, practical, and efficient, each Dumbbell Exercise Chart is a fantastic exercise tool that will help you build your strength, improve your stamina and burn calories, and reduce your body fat. They also provide an informative and easy-to-follow workout routine for those not familiar with fundamental dumbbell training exercises or those not having access to individual or group fitness instruction.

The Laminated Exercise Training Poster series from Productive Fitness Publishing illustrates how to perform exercises through clear step-by-step instructions with colorful photos demonstrating proper biomechanical form and start and finish positioning. Each beautiful, easy to follow fitness poster is a great addition to any home gym, office, workout studio, rec center, school gymnasium, or fitness center. Choose a single workout poster or several exercise charts to showcase your favorite workout routines or body focus. Whether you are beginner who has never exercised or used a particular piece of fitness equipment, or a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking for workout variety and a balanced routine, these posters offer a fun, safe and effective guide towards getting fit.

Available Wall Fitness Charts (Single Poster):

  • CDLL – Dumbbell Exercises - Lower Body / Core / Chest & Back
  • CDUL – Dumbbell Exercises - Shoulders & Arms

Available Wall Fitness Chart Sets (Sets of 2 Posters):

  • CD-SET – Dumbbell Exercises - Lower Body / Core / Chest & Back, Shoulders & Arms
  • CDW-SET – Dumbbell Workout - Workout 1 & Workout 2

Dumbbell Exercises (Lower Body / Core / Chest & Back) Poster
Dumbbells are a simple piece of equipment. They will increase your strength and improve your stamina while burning calories and reducing body fat. Dumbbells are one of the oldest, most commonly used, and best strength training tools because they extremely effective, yet easy to use. The dumbbell exercises on this poster work the core (abs and lower back) as well as the chest, back and legs.

  • Demonstrates 17 dumbbell exercises
  • Follow the posters illustrations and descriptions for variations on crunches, lunges, squats and calf raises
  • Round out your routine with the bench press, deadlift, flyes, standing hip flexor, lying pullover, bent-over row, the bridge with dumbbell and the pointing dog
  • Teaches how to attain and maintain proper torso stabilization for protection of the spine while exercising
  • Outlines different types of dumbbell training for muscle definition and toning vs. muscle size and development

Dumbbell Exercises (Shoulders & Arms) Poster
Dumbbells are a wonderful exercise tool that increase your strength, improve your stamina and burn calories. Following the dumbbell exercises on this poster, you can work your upper body to gain strength in your shoulders, rotator cuff, triceps, biceps and forearms. The chart includes safety information and it explains in simple step-by-step instructions and photos all the dumbbell exercises designed to develop your upper body strength.

  • Demonstrates 22 dumbbell exercises
  • Check out the charts illustrations for variations on wrist and bicep curls, presses, side lying, flyes and raises
  • Finish up your routines with the pec minor punch, prone external rotation, kickback, shoulder shrug and the screwdriver
  • Teaches how to attain and maintain proper torso stabilization for protection of the spine while exercising
  • Outlines different types of dumbbell training for muscle definition and toning vs. muscle size and development

Dumbbell Workout (Workout 1 & Workout 2) Posters (Sold as Set ONLY)
This Dumbbell Training Workout Set of posters is a great addition to any home gym or fitness facility. Make your strength training routine simple. Just follow one of the 5 given routines for 4-6 weeks and then move on to the next. Cycle through them to keep your workouts fresh.

  • Dumbbell Exercises: Workout Chart 1
    • 16 different dumbbell exercises
    • Anterior and Posterior Muscle diagrams that show most of the major muscles in your body
    • Quickly reference the muscles you are working for any given exercise
    • A full Anterior diagram gives a better visual reference when locating muscle groups
  • Dumbbell Exercises: Workout Chart 2
    • 16 different dumbbell exercises
    • Step-by-step instructions on how to stabilize your torso (critical for safe and effective exercise)
    • Three 1-day full body exercise routines that are simple to follow
    • Two 2-day split routine programs that amp up your workouts by spending a little more time on specific areas

Fitness Poster Specifications:

  • Poster size: 24" W x 36" H
  • Poster weight (individual): 0.25 lb.
  • Laminated
  • Waterproof for resistance against drinking fountain splash, sweat, cleaning supplies
  • Colorfully illustrated fitness instructions
  • Suitable for framing or attach directly to wall
  • North American Made (manufactured in Canada)
  • Made to order with lead time of 5 business days prior to shipping
  • Complete wall chart sets, bulk fitness poster purchases, and unlaminated (paper only) exercise posters available by special request contact an IRON COMPANY® representative for details at 1-888-758-7527 or
  • Shipping dimensions (1-3 posters): 26" x 2" x 2"
  • Shipping weight by quantity: 10 oz. (1 poster) | 13 oz. (2 posters) | 1 lb. (3 posters)
  • Ships rolled inside box

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