Calder Hodge

Calder Hodge

Calder Hodge is a 15 year old quarterback player from Magnolia, Texas who truly believe he has no limit on what he is capable of achieving. Calder is the youngest son of 4 boys and born with a rare genetic disorder called fibular hemimelia, a condition that occurs in only one in 40,000 births. Calder’s was born without his tibia bones which affected his legs and he was destined to be wheelchair bonded for life. His parents Mike and Kayla Hodge made the hardest decision that they could have made when Calder was a young child, having is both his legs amputated above the knew at 2 years old. This decision forever changed the sequence of events that were waiting for Calder.

Calder Hodge Football

Calder is not just any ordinary double amputee, when he received his 1st pair of prosthetic legs he took the advice of his older brother Tyler told Calder not to walk but to run. Ever since then Calder did not waste time on what breaking down the barriers of the limits others placed on him. Calder was determined to play full on tackle football and has dreams on becoming the 1st NFL double amputee quarterback. Football is more than just a sport to Calder but a vessel that gives him the freedom and a purpose to show the world that the only limits you have, are those that you place on yourself. Playing football is not only Calder’s passion but it is his true calling in life. Stepping onto the field for Calder is not just a practice or a game it is his home. Through the process of playing football and taking control of his life and not allowing anything stop him from greatness. Football has taught him many life lessons and has shaped his character, it has taught him to be patient, to block out the haters and doubters and only pushes him to work harder and to show up when others do not.

Calder Hodge is Forged Passion.