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RAW with Marty Gallagher weekly column and articles give you a backstage pass to over 55 years of musings and power training strategies involving the greatest powerlifters and bodybuilders of all time as told by one of the iron game's most respected and enigmatic figures, Marty Gallagher. Learn and utilize the same transformational techniques and tactics used to create world champion powerlifters and bodybuilders including Kirk Karwoski, Ed Coan and Dorian Yates as well as prepare Tier 1 spec ops fighters for battle.

Get a glimpse into powerlifting and bodybuilding history through the eyes of Marty Gallagher dating back to his first Olympic weightlifting competition in 1962 and journeying forward to present day. The training and historical info you find here is unequaled anywhere else. Check back weekly for the latest RAW articles!

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Maximize your size and strength gains with some of the best sources available including 14-time USA Powerlifting National Champion, Brad Gillingham, Stuart McRobert, Chuck Miller, and Jim Steel. You'll find truthful, unbiased and proven training information that works for any fitness level or goal. Check back weekly for the latest articles on weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, cardio training and nutrition. 

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Stuart McRobert’s HardGainer Column

Stuart McRobert’s background is fundamentally different from most established authors in the field of muscle and strength. Most of those authors come from a background of drug-assisted training and/or genetic good fortune for muscle and strength. Such a background makes most training methods effective, provided that sufficient effort and commitment are applied.

Of the drug-free established authors, most of them come from a background of good coaching early on in their training. Not so Stuart, though.

In 1973, at age 15, Stuart started weight training in a bare-bones “gym” at a local community center in North East England. But he didn’t have an expert coach to guide him, and was at the mercy of the “instruction” promoted by the newsstand bodybuilding magazines.

Despite his 100% commitment to drug-free bodybuilding, Stuart’s initial gains were very modest. After getting more “serious” about his training—increasing its volume, frequency, and intensity—his progress came to a halt. Despite years of unrelenting total commitment to his training and the full “bodybuilding lifestyle” (except the drugs), he didn’t build the outstanding physique that the muscle mags claimed was possible.

He was driven to utter despair over such paltry results relative to the effort and dedication he invested.

Because he’s a lifetime drug-free trainee and has the genetics for muscle and strength that are no better than average, the training methods promoted by the mainstream weren’t effective for him (or for most other trainees).

But Stuart learned about (1) the critical role of genetic factors, (2) the pivotal role of drugs in the success of most bodybuilding and lifting “champions,” (3) the need to use training routines appropriate to the individual, and thus (4) the necessity of not using mainstream training methods that work well only for those who have drug assistance and/or tremendous genetic advantages.

He was motivated to share what he’d learned. His first article was published in a 1981 issue of IRON MAN magazine, and his understanding of effective drug-free training evolved over the following decades.

But Stuart’s not an armchair coach. Drug-free, he built himself up from a skinny youth to 195 pounds and deadlifted 400 pounds for a set of 20 reps. And he still trains seriously today, at age 64.

Through his writing and publishing, Stuart made a career as a bodybuilding and strength-training mentor—the very mentor he wishes he’d had when he started training.

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