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Ecore International: The Pinnacle of Upcycled Flooring Solutions at IRON COMPANY

Welcome to the curated collection of Ecore International products at IRON COMPANY - where quality meets sustainability. Since 1997, we have been a trailblazer in... Read More

Performance Rally Tile Interlocking Gym Flooring | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-RALLY-TILE)
Performance UltraTile High-Density | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-ULTRATILE)
PaveSafe Big E Tile | ECORE (PAVESAFE-BIG-E)
Enviro Care Neutral Flooring Disinfectant | ECORE (ENVIRO-CARE)
RageTurf Rally Interlocking Turf Tiles | Ecore (RAGETURF-RALLY-TILE) for sled training in cross-training facilities and sports performance facilities. Shown with optional interlocking reducer transition edge.
Starting At: $39.00
Smash Mat - Vulcanized Weight Room Mat | ECORE (SMASH-MAT)
PlayGuard Vulcanized Playground Tiles | ECORE (PLAYGUARD)
E-Cleaner Flooring Cleaner | ECORE (E-CLEANER)
Performance dBTile Advanced Shock Absorbtion | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-DBTILE)
E-Finish Flooring Protectant | ECORE (E-FINISH)
E-Stripper Flooring Revitalizer | ECORE (E-STRIP)
E-Grip III Urethane Adhesive 28 oz Cartridges | ECORE (E-GRIP3-CARTRIDGE) available for sale at IRON COMPANY
Heritage Motivate Performance Vinyl Plank | ECORE (HERITAGE-MOTIVATE)
E-Grip 95 Moisture-Cured Urethane Adhesive | ECORE (E-GRIP95)
E-Grip III Urethane Adhesive 4-Gallon | ECORE (E-GRIP3-4GAL)
Performance Motivate Rolled Rubber | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-MOTIVATE)
Performance Beast Rubber Flooring Roll | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-BEAST)
E-Grip 99 High Moisture Urethane Adhesive | ECORE (E-GRIP99)
E-Grip Flooring Adhesive Tape | ECORE (E-GRIP-TAPE)
Performance Beast Plus Rolled Gym Flooring  ECORE (PERFORMANCE-BEAST-PLUS)
Performance Monster Triple Durometer System | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-MONSTER)
Blade Vulcanized Rolled Rubber | ECORE (BLADE)
Baller Motivate Class I | ECORE (BALLER-MOTIVATE-1)
Baller Rally Class II | ECORE (BALLER-RALLY-2)
Moxie Motivate Plus Wood Grain Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring | Ecore (MOXIE-MOTIVATE)
Moxie Beast Embossed Colored Wood Grain Rubber Flooring Rolls | Ecore (MOXIE-BEAST)
FlexTurf Motivate Rolls 20mm | ECORE (FLEXTURF-MOTIVATE)
HydroGrip Motivate Slip Resistant Rolls Wet Floor | ECORE (HYDROGRIP)
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