International Shipping

International Shipping

International Fitness Equipment Shipping

Are you outside the United States and in need of assistance with purchasing and delivering your fitness equipment items? Since 1997 IRON COMPANY® has been shipping fitness equipment and gym flooring to International customers all over the globe. We utilize only quality global freight carriers that handle your products with care over the ocean and in the air at the most reasonable rates in the business. Whether you are a residential customer looking for a set of dumbbells to put in your home gym or a corporate or military customer in need of a supply and logistics partner to help build an entire gym, IRON COMPANY has the product selection and logistics team in place to streamline the process and exceed your expectations.

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IRON COMPANY offers the following services through our preferred global logistics partners:
  • International Freight Quotes within 24-48 hours
  • Air Freight and Sea Freight Services
  • Dock to Dock Shipping
  • Dock to Airport Shipping
  • Dock to Door Inland Cargo Hauling
  • Shipping Status and Tracking Updates
  • Brokerage

IRON COMPANY has the best international freight forwarder connections to make freight export from the United States easy and affordable for you. We are experienced with international air freight, ocean cargo transportation, and on-carriage trucking services. IRON COMPANY offers direct pallet shipping and parcel shipping from hundreds of origin points within the United States. Through a combination of domestic freight hauling, LTL freight, and domestic air cargo, goods are shipped to airports, docks, consolidation warehouses, or dispatch centers within the US where they are then prepared for international export. Our customers are assigned their own freight representatives, cargo agents, and freight brokers who can handle all freight clearance and freight documentation and communicate directly with the international freight importer agents within your country. You'll receive the best rates possible for both freight and domicile services such as value-added taxes (VAT) and customs duties. After all, having the best negotiated shipping rates at your disposal will allow more in your budget for exercise equipment, sports flooring, gym supplies, fitness accessories, and workout gear.

IRON COMPANY can assist you with all types of special needs and requests including economy shipping services, oversized cargo, treated pallets, additional insurance, expedited freight, and next day air parcel service. We specialize in both full shipping container loads and less than container (LTC) loads. Whether your preference is economy freight hauling by cargo ship or export air transport by cargo aircraft, allow the experts at IRON COMPANY to be your worldwide cargo solution for all your global cargo needs. We do it right!

Email us your quote request today and an International Sales Representative will respond to you within one business day.