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IRON COMPANY offers effective delivery and setup for fitness equipment and gym flooring around the worldeffective delivery and setup
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Let Us Help You Build Your Brand with Best-In-Class Product Quality and Pricing

It's Tough to Find Quality Fitness Equipment Without Breaking your Budget or Schedule.

The internet is flooded with dubious sellers with little to no fitness experience. Your best interest as a customer seeking results is clouded by their inexperience, lack of knowledge and poor selection leaving you with equipment that doesn’t meet your goals, puts you or your clients at risk or simply breaks down within a few short months.

You need a trusted vendor with the expertise to:

  • pinpoint the ideal equipment for your goals, and budget
  • educate you on its use
  • effectively handle the logistics of delivering your purchase
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Let us help you expand your passion and build your brand with one of the largest online gym equipment catalogs. Ask about our custom private labeled equipment including laser engraved urethane dumbbells, barbells, Olympic plates, bumper plates and more. Just send us your logo and we'll do the rest!



Sanitizing Wipes Refill Rolls are heavy-duty, affordably priced and dispenser ready.

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Sanitizing Wipes Canisters fit into a car cup holder and anywhere larger canisters won't fit.

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IRON COMPANY wall mounted bar holders

Bar Holders

Wall-mounted single and double bar holders for Olympic and Power bars.

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Olympic Spring Collars with Grips are easy to use and keep your weight plates snug during lifts.

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IRON COMPANY Rubber Hex Dumbbells at best prices

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Best durability, warranty and pricing in the business for garage and commercial gyms.

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IRON COMPANY Rubber Bumper plates

Rubber Bumpers

Durable 10-55 lb. solid rubber bumper plates for your weight room.

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This 47" Chrome Curl Bar is a must have for building size and strength in the biceps and triceps.

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IRON COMPANY powder coated kettlebells


Premium powder coated kettlebells with color coded handles and large numbers.

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IRON COMPANY Urethane Dumbbells with laser engraved logo

Urethane Dumbbells

Build your brand with a set of custom engraved urethane dumbbells at industry leading prices.

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IRON COMPANY Urethane Barbells with laser engraved logo

Urethane Barbells

Our welded, urethane encased barbells can be engraved to match your new urethane dumbbells.

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IRON COMPANY Urethane Grip Plates

Urethane Grip Plates

Urethane Olympic grip plates can be laser engraved to build your brand!

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IRON COMPANY Urethane Bumper plates

Urethane Bumpers

Custom engrave your logo onto these 10-55 lb. colored urethane bumper plates!

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Urethane Hex Dumbbells are functional, durable and don’t have a rubber odor.

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IRON COMPANY Deep Dish Olympic Plates and Weight Plates


USA Made Deep Dish Olympic Plates with wide-flange and aged patina finish.

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IRON COMPANY Power Belts for powerlifting and weightlifting

Power Belts

Forge your passion with our USA made leather power belt with personalized year stamp.

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Olympic Bars

Our 5150 Olympic bar will give you crazy workouts and hold up in any facility.

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IRON COMPANY Limitless Selection of fitness equipment and rubber gym flooring

Limitless Selection

Top quality fitness equipment at a competitive and fair price.

Talk To a Fitness Expert at IRON COMPANY

Talk To a Fitness Expert

We'll customize the perfect product selection to meet your budget, personal goals, and business targets.

IRON COMPANY offers Effective Delivery and Setup for fitness equipment and rubber gym flooring

Effective Delivery and Setup

Most experienced and advanced logistics capabilities in the industry around the world from remote Alaska to the Sahara desert.

IRON COMPANY Branding and private labelling for your fitness equipment and gym flooring


Let us help you boost your marketing and brand recognition with our custom logo program for free weights, strength equipment, gym flooring and more.

IRON COMPANY Exceptional Service for all your fitness equipment and rubber gym flooring needs

Exceptional Service

Imagine a service that extends beyond your purchase and supports your individual and business goals with premium education, trainer referrals, and professional recommendations.

IRON COMPANY offers Relaxing Convenience when purchasing fitness equipment and rubber gym flooring

Relaxing Convenience

Safe online shopping experience that saves you time and protects your personal integrity. Look no further than IRON COMPANY!


Contact IRON COMPANY for fitness equipment and rubber gym flooring


Our priority is to make sure you get the best products for your needs and budget, along with full support, education, and swift delivery to anywhere in the world.

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

I received my bumper plates less than two weeks ago and they were as good as J.P advertised! The transition between ordering and making the final purchase was seamless. J.P was very informative, professional and knowledgeable about the products he carries and I would recommend him to all my family and friends! Thanks J.P for your help with selecting the product that best fit my needs!

Jamie O.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

The bar was delivered quicker than I expected and the staff was responsive and professional. The bar has excellent grip and is great and the bushing provide 
good balance for slow lifting. Will be getting another bar from Iron Company!

Sammie W.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Love the kettlebells quality product fast shipping great company

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Only wonderful things to say about the Iron Company! Customer service is wonderful and responsive. And the KBs are top-notch. Thanks, Iron Company, for helping to keep us active during a pandemic!

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Guys were really good to deal with during these difficult times. Made adjustments to our original order due to complication but satisfied what we were purchasing.

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Ordered these kettle bells and had them delivered within two weeks (to me that is outstanding with all that is going on). The quality is great with smooth surfaces and the stamped weight on the kettle bell so no one picks up a wrong size weight. Overall outstanding! Customer service was great too!

Steve H.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

The 5150 is a beautiful bar. We've been using it for bench, dead lift and squats...I've got no complaints. I will say shipping was super fast, especially considering the current situation. Thanks Iron Company!

Eric B.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Collars are great, high quality, delivery was prompt. I needed collars, and have bumper plates on back-order, so I figured I would order a low risk cheap item that I needed anyway, to see if Iron Company would deliver. They did deliver, and also have been responsive regarding the plates I have on order, that have been delayed by the COVID-19 situation.

Bruce K.
IRON COMPANY satisfied customers and product reviews

After doing a lot of research, I decided to upgrade to Iron Company's urethane dumbbells. These are so much more compact, more accurate, and much better balanced for most movements. The handles almost have a high end stainless look to them, despite being chrome. I would say the grip is definitely on the medium-light side but very consistent dumbbell to dumbbell. The textured urethane looks great and is also consistent. I also weighed a few of them and all are within the 1.5% stated spec. My wife loves that the basement doesn't reek of rubber anymore and I feel like I can move more weight comfortably. I would highly recommend you check these out.

Mike B.
IRON COMPANY customer reviews

I bought two of the Iron Company Double Barbell Holders to hold my 7’ Olympic barbell and some specialty bars (tricep and EZ curl) and possibly a future bar. These things are thick and solid so I have no worries about them not being able to hold some heavy steel. They also have a thick nylon guard to keep your bars free from damage. Very happy with this product from Iron Company.

Jared M.
IRON COMPANY urethane dumbbell customer reviews

I understand this is a big investment for any home gym, so I really wanted to do my research. There a lot of options out there when you are looking for urethane dumbbells (or any type of dumbbell for that matter), with a number of established companies and new arrivals in the market, I reached out to several suppliers on their products. Unfortunately, I was fairly disappointed as several of the companies could either not tell me much about their own product or simply didn’t respond. This is where Iron Company really excelled in terms of different product offerings and communication. Blair Gannam at IC always responded promptly with honest answers and clear options. He also guided me through the purchasing and delivery process so I knew what to expect all along

Jared M.
IRON COMPANY customer barbell review

I'm very impressed with the overall quality of this bar. It is definitely worth the money. I'm glad that I made this purchase. The Iron Company made sure that it was completely protected during the shipping process so I was very happy with them as well

George A. L.
IRON COMPANY weight bar review and customer service praise

Outstanding weight bar - Fit the bill for all of my needs. Great company - great service - great cost!

Stephen R.
IRON COMPANY weightlifting belt review from customer

Awesome Belt! Awesome people! Ordered as gift for 25 year vet who's been banging weights for a long time. Still has a 650lb raw pull at the age of 54. He loved the belt, and so did I! The quality of the belt stands for itself. Order one and find out!

Sean K.

Life is short, budgets don’t budge, and
goals don’t wait for a better time.

Don’t put yourself at risk with subpar equipment that creates liability and frustration.
At IRON COMPANY, fitness equipment is a passion not a commodity. We can help you make a better choice.


IRON COMPANY Athletes are men and women that possess the Forged Passion necessary to propel them from just being good to becoming their best.


How has fitness shaped your future and helped you accomplish things in life you never thought were possible? How has getting fit not only strengthened you physically, but helped boost your self-confidence and determination to succeed in becoming the best version of yourself?

Come share your story of perseverance with our community and motivate others to believe in themselves and become the people they wish to be!

Together, We are FORGED PASSION

Amanda Burrill Forged Passion

Amanda Burrill
I'm Amanda Burrill and a traumatic brain injury changed the trajectory of my life. I was able to adapt and overcome the recovery odds by turning to fitness.

Tyler Brey Forged Passion

Tyler Brey
My name is Tyler Brey and I was born with spina bifida. I have been able to defy the odds in many areas of my life and it all started with the lessons I learned through fitness.

Zach Even-Esh Forged Passion

Zach Even-Esh
I’m Zach Even-Esh and through high school I became obsessed with the gym and getting stronger which became my remedy of choice for battling depression.


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Established in 1997, IRON COMPANY has grown to become one of the top ten providers of gym equipment and flooring solutions for the US Government. Through our dedicated staff and unparalleled service, our GSA administrative report card reflects a contractor assessment status of “Exceptional”. Since our 2001 GSA contract award, we have proudly supplied equipment to the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force, Bureau of Prisons, CIA, FBI, US Embassies, and countless other government installations across the globe. We are proud to play a part in our nations combat readiness. GSA 47QSMA22D08NN

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