Olympic Weightlifting Bar 20kg 195,000 PSI - IRON COMPANY (IC-OB-5150)


IRON COMPANY 5150 Olympic Bar

IRON COMPANY 5150 20kg Olympic Bar – The perfect multi-purpose hybrid Olympic weightlifting bar for your CrossFit box, commercial gym or garage gym at an affordable price! The 5150 Olympic barbell was designed and built to withstand the most brutal training in all types of environments. Hit new PR’s without fear of warping the bar! Pile on the bumper plates for the most grueling WOD’s! Only the best quality components were used to produce exceptional performance and longevity.

To satisfy the most demanding CrossFit box owners, the 5150 bar shaft is made from 28mm 195,000 PSI tensile strength steel for maximum protection against permanent bends and breaks. A medium diamond knurling pattern holds fast and won’t tear up your hands like an aggressive knurl. The internal hybrid sleeve design includes bronze bushings and a needle bearing / ball bearing combo for the absolute best spin and is secured by a triple snap ring system (two internal and one external on each side). The 5150 includes a combination of IWF and IPF specs to support both Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. For the ultimate in corrosion protection, the high tensile strength steel of the 5150 is completely coated in the most durable hard chrome armor plating available. Each 5150 Olympic bar is covered by an IRON COMPANY Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Quality Olympic Bar Overview:

  • Tensile Strength – Nowadays the ideal tensile strength of a quality made Olympic bar is between 150,000 and 190,000 PSI. This allows the bar to withstand the harsh training environments of CrossFit boxes and commercial gyms. Tensile strength is used to gauge how resistant a bar is to permanently bending and/or breaking. 
  • Whip – Whip is the oscillation, or “movement”, that occurs throughout the bar shaft when the barbell quickly changes directions. Bar whip increases as the load of the barbell increases. The seasoned lifter can harness this whipping momentum and use it to their advantage in exercises such as barbell cleans. It can also be an advantage in the deadlift by allowing the bar and the lifter to rise higher off the weightlifting platform before the weight plates leave the ground.
  • Bar Diameter – IWF spec calls for a 28mm diameter bar. Most Olympic weightlifting bars are 28 to 28.5mm in diameter which allows more whip and a better grip on the bar.
  • Sleeve Diameter – Both IWF and IPF call for a 50mm diameter sleeve. 50mm is ideal for reduced spacing, or “slop”, between the plate opening and the bar sleeve.
  • Knurl – Bar knurling comes in light, medium and aggressive. Bars for Olympic lifting gravitate towards a medium knurl which holds chalk well and is easier on the skin of the hands. A power bar for deadlifting and bench pressing offers optimal performance with an aggressive knurl and really “bites” into the grip. Types of Olympic bar knurling is often a choice of personal preference. 
  • Center Knurl – Center bar knurling is typically used for squatting to allow a more secure grip across the back of the neck and shoulders greatly reducing the possibility of slipping. Olympic weightlifting bars often don’t include a center knurl.
  • Knurl Marks – IPF states the knurl marks on the bar must be spaced 32” apart for proper hand spacing. IWF states the marks must be 36” apart. Nowadays a lot of hybrid Olympic bars include both options spaced at 32” and 36”.
  • Bearings or Bushings – Power bars for lifts that don’t require much sleeve spin usually incorporate bushings, such as brass or bronze. Bushings are rugged and offer a medium amount of spin. For faster Olympic lifts, needle bearings or bushing/needle bearing hybrids are popular. Bars with bearings have a superior spin and usually cost more than bushing bars.
  • Bar Coating – There are coatings from decorative chrome (which can peel off) to zinc or even nickel. Some of the most durable and corrosion resistant coatings are hard chrome, zinc and Cerakote. Black oxide can easily scratch and is quick to rust. 
  • Warranty – Most reputable Olympic bar manufacturers offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturers defects on their quality made bars.
  • Good whip
  • Triple snap ring design (two internal and 1 external each side)
  • One bronze bushing, two large needle bearings and two ball bearings per sleeve for superior spin and performance 
  • Hard chrome shaft and sleeves for maximum corrosion protection
  • Color-coded blue end cap per IWF spec
  • Use for multi-purpose weightlifting and Olympic weightlifting
  • Government Purchase: Available for open market Government and Military purchase through Ironcompany.com GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A

  • 195,000 PSI tensile strength steel
  • 28mm shaft diameter per IWF spec
  • 50mm sleeve diameter per IWF and IPF spec
  • 16.25” loadable sleeve length 
  • 1.25” wide sleeve flange
  • Weight accuracy is within +/- 1% of 20kg
  • Each bar is straightened to be within +/- 0.015”
  • Single bar marks (hash marks) spaced at 36” per IWF 
  • 220cm (2200mm) total bar length per IWF and IPF spec
  • 1310mm inside collar to inside collar per IWF and IPF spec
  • Medium diamond knurling pattern with 440mm knurled gripping area per side per IWF and IPF spec. No center knurl
  • Color coded blue end cap per IWF spec

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer defects. Does not cover damage due to negligent or faulty use, handling, maintenance, alteration or storage by the user. Bar damage and bending is usually always due to dropping on a rack or bench (the bar hits before the plates) and is not covered by this warranty. All warranty claims handled on a case by case basis.
  • Olympic Bar Care: Store your new bar in a dry location out of the elements. Refrain from dropping your loaded bar directly on rack pins and benches.

  • Available for pick-up in Los Angeles
  • UPS/Freight delivery is included within the lower 48 states. Online orders to non-direct points (Martha’s Vineyard, Florida Keys, etc.) or outside of the lower 48 states will have additional UPS or freight charges emailed to customer within 24-hours and will be charged and shipped upon approval by customer
  • Ships in approx. 24-48 hours
  • Each bar is individually poly-bagged and packed in a heavy-duty tube for maximum protection during shipping
  • UPS Ground – Three bars or less usually ship via UPS. Signature is usually required unless otherwise specified
  • LTL Freight – Four or more bars usually ship via LTL freight carrier on a wooden pallet. All standard freight deliveries include 24-hour notification and curbside delivery. Additional services such as lift gate or inside delivery are available upon request. A full inspection is required at delivery and notation on delivery bill of any missing or damaged product is mandatory for replacement
  • Ship weight is approx. 46 lbs. 
  • Shipping dims are approx. 86”L x 4”W