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Welcome to IRON COMPANY – your ultimate destination for top-quality weightlifting bars and Olympic bars since 1997. Our extensive selection includes a wide array of bars meticulously crafted to elevate your weightlifting and barbell training... Read More

IRON COMPANY Olympic Spring Collars with Plastic Grips for Olympic Barbells and Power Bars.
Grizzly Fitness Magnesium Gym Chalk Balls 2-Pack
SS-HP Ergonomic Foam Rubber Barbell Pad
IRON COMPANY Wall Mounted Single Olympic Bar Holder with Masonry Hardware Included
Grizzly Economy Barbell Pad
Body-Solid BSTOPW Olympic Plate Wedge for Deadlifts
Body-Solid Tools BSTB Resistance Bands
Body-Solid LMSE Landmine Single Eyelet Attachment for Olympic Bars
Athletic Gym Chalk Keeps Hands Dry
SYN Rings Olympic Bar Attachments
Black Velcro Barbell Pad For Weight Lifting | CAP Barbell (MAB-105)
Body-Solid LMPP Olympic Plate Pivot Post for Landmine Rotational Training
Body-Solid Bicep Bomber Arm Blaster For Barbell Training
Body-Solid LBB28 Lat Blaster Bar For Barbell Rows
Gripforce Trainer Bar Grips (Pair) | Grip4orce (GRIP4ORCE) - Currently ONLY available in BLACK.
Body-Solid LMCG Landmine Club Grip Attachment for Olympic Bars
Body-Solid BSTOBJ Olympic Bar Jack for Deadlifts
7' Black Oxide Olympic Weight Bar | CAP Barbell (OB-85B)
47" Regular Weight Lifting E-Z Curl Bar | CAP Barbell (RBB-47)
47" Regular Threaded E-Z Curl Bar | CAP Barbell (RBB-47T)
CAP Barbell OB-72 6' Chromed Olympic Weight Lifting Bar
Arm Blaster For Bicep Curls |  CAP Barbell (MAB-101)
Body-Solid TBR10 T-Bar Row Platform
7' Chromed Olympic Weight Bar | CAP Barbell (OB-85)
6' Aluminum Olympic Training Bar 15 lbs. - Technique Bar | Ironcompany (ICWAB)
Sting Ray Front Squat Barbell Pads
Chrome Curl Bar 47" | IRON COMPANY (IC-CCB-47)
34" Regular Chromed Solid Steel Triceps Bar | CAP Barbell (RB-34S)
Body-Solid MR136 Manta Ray Barbell Pad
Body-Solid TBR20 Pivoting T-Bar Row Platform
34" Threaded Tricep Weightlifting Bar | CAP Barbell (RBB-34T)
Olympic High Handle Hex Weightlifting Bar | CAP Barbell (OB-88HC-IS)
Regular 1" Weight Lifting Bar | CAP Barbell (RB)
Body Solid OB60B 5' Black Oxide Olympic Bar
34" Economy Olympic Tricep Bar | CAP Barbell (OB-34S)
Regular 1" Threaded Weight Lifting Bar | CAP Barbell (RB-T)
Body-Solid LMMG Landmine Multi-Grip Row Attachment for Olympic Bars
Body Solid OB86B 7' Black Oxide Olympic Weight Lifting Bar
Body-Solid OB86C 7’ Chrome Olympic Weightlifting Bar with Center Knurl
Body-Solid BSTOBS Olympic Bar Stands for Deadlifts
47" Economy Olympic E-Z Curl Bar | CAP Barbell (OBB-47)
Body Solid OTB50 Olympic Shrug Hex Bar
T-Bell Weightlifting Technique Training Device for deadlifting, squats, rows and more.
CAP Barbell OB-73UL 6' Aluminum Ultra-Lite Bar Technique Training Bar
7' Black Oxide "The Beast" Olympic Lifting Bar | CAP Barbell (OB-86B)
Reversible Olympic Mega Hex Weightlifting Bar | CAP Barbell (OB-91HC-IS)
Farmers Walk Handles (Pair) | Ironcompany (WFWH)
Ivanko OBZ-30B Black Oxide 5’ E-Z Curl Bar
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