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About IRON COMPANY - Whether you’re a busy gym manager in search of a new run of customized urethane dumbbells or a beginner looking to get started with a garage gym, we know finding the right equipment for your needs can be a challenge.

Established in 1997, and as one of the first internet fitness equipment vendors in the business, we’ve seen this industry explode in growth with many fantastic benefits. On the bright side, people all over the world now have access to an unlimited online inventory of fitness tools and guides to help them reach their personal and business goals.

Man performing kettlebell swings for Crossfit

The only problem is that as a customer, it’s hard to know if you’re getting a good deal for the right high quality items or paying an unreasonable amount for poor quality products that are wrong for your goals altogether.

Unless you already know or have enough time on your hands to research the details you need to make an informed decision, you may find yourself shelling out more money than you can afford with disappointing results.

We are in this for
the long run.

When you’re making such a big investment, you need and deserve first class assistance from an expert in the product you’re buying.

Think about it...would you buy a thoroughbred from a guy who didn’t know the first thing about race horses?

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At IRON COMPANY, we take pride in only hiring qualified employees that are either certified trainers, fitness athletes, or seasoned specialists in fitness equipment manufacturing. From start to finish, you’ll have the right person to answer all your questions and help you make the best possible purchase for your needs and budget.

We care about what happens after you’ve made your purchase.

See, that’s what’s unique about us. We don’t just sell you a piece of equipment.

Our customer service starts before your purchase and extends all the way until after your product has been successfully delivered and installed. Our highly trained experts will do everything they can to make sure you get the absolute best products at the best price for your fitness or business goals, unique space requirements, financial needs, and time schedule.

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As a fitness equipment manufacturer and distributor since 1997, we know everything there is to know about fitness equipment. Our expertise and superior service standards has allowed us to foster long-term relationships with a large and diverse client base that ranges from regular home gym buyers and pro athletes, to some of the most respected and diligent organizations in the world.

With an unwavering commitment to offering our customers the widest selection of first-class equipment on the market, our team and products have empowered the toughest tier one spec ops and squadrons in the US military.

Satisfied customers

The iron company motto:

Top quality training equipment at a competitive and fair price

Personalized expert guidance and support for all customers

The most advanced logistics capabilities in the industry

Effective delivery and setup around the world

A safe shopping experience that protects your privacy

Customized product selection to meet your goals and needs

Full customer service before, during and after your purchase

Premium product education, professional referrals and business support

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We stand against bullying

A word from our founder

IRON COMPANY has it as a central mission to help the kids and youth of our society build lasting self-esteem, confidence, and inner strength.

As someone who was bullied as a child, I feel very strongly about preventing other kids from having to go through the same torment. During the worst times of being bullied, I felt insecure, defeated, self-conscious from the hurtful words and actions, and humiliated on a daily basis.

I got it in my head that if I became bigger and stronger, the bullies would leave me alone. I needed to build my self-confidence so that I could successfully defend myself and look formidable enough to ward off attacks.

At the age of 15, an old Billard barbell set and bench press I constructed from wood became my arsenal that would change my life forever. Weightlifting became a positive, empowering way for a shy teenager to better deal with difficult childhood experiences and forged the path of my future. My passion for iron became unshakable. As I grew bigger and stronger, self-disciplined, and more confident, my peers grew to respect me and stopped making me their target. This would be the first of many challenges in my life that fitness helped me conquer.

Because of my own journey and the positive impact weightlifting has had on myself, I am now passionate about guiding others to find their own strength to fight life’s battles through fitness, so they can forge their own path as a positive force in this world.

- J.P. Brice, President of IRON COMPANY

Main Product Page Content Creator - Gym Equipment and Rubber Flooring

J.P. Brice founded IRON COMPANY in 1996 and is currently President and CEO. He began weightlifting in 1984 at the age of 14 and by the age of 25 turned his passion for bodybuilding, powerbuilding and fitness in general into one of the webs first and leading gym equipment suppliers for residential, commercial and Military buyers. He holds numerous Patents and Trademarks on various gym equipment products and is the lead designer of IRON COMPANY branded free weights and strength training equipment. J.P. is responsible for much of the main product page content as well as several in depth gym equipment and flooring articles. Today he works extensively with the US Military in providing the equipment necessary for combat readiness.


Take it from our clients...

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

I received my bumper plates less than two weeks ago and they were as good as J.P advertised! The transition between ordering and making the final purchase was seamless. J.P was very informative, professional and knowledgeable about the products he carries and I would recommend him to all my family and friends! Thanks J.P for your help with selecting the product that best fit my needs!

Jamie O.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

The bar was delivered quicker than I expected and the staff was responsive and professional. The bar has excellent grip and is great and the bushing provide 
good balance for slow lifting. Will be getting another bar from Iron Company!

Sammie W.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Love the kettlebells quality product fast shipping great company

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Only wonderful things to say about the Iron Company! Customer service is wonderful and responsive. And the KBs are top-notch. Thanks, Iron Company, for helping to keep us active during a pandemic!

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Guys were really good to deal with during these difficult times. Made adjustments to our original order due to complication but satisfied what we were purchasing.

IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Ordered these kettle bells and had them delivered within two weeks (to me that is outstanding with all that is going on). The quality is great with smooth surfaces and the stamped weight on the kettle bell so no one picks up a wrong size weight. Overall outstanding! Customer service was great too!

Steve H.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

The 5150 is a beautiful bar. We've been using it for bench, dead lift and squats...I've got no complaints. I will say shipping was super fast, especially considering the current situation. Thanks Iron Company!

Eric B.
IRON COMPANY happy customers and reviews

Collars are great, high quality, delivery was prompt. I needed collars, and have bumper plates on back-order, so I figured I would order a low risk cheap item that I needed anyway, to see if Iron Company would deliver. They did deliver, and also have been responsive regarding the plates I have on order, that have been delayed by the COVID-19 situation.

Bruce K.
IRON COMPANY satisfied customers and product reviews

After doing a lot of research, I decided to upgrade to Iron Company's urethane dumbbells. These are so much more compact, more accurate, and much better balanced for most movements. The handles almost have a high end stainless look to them, despite being chrome. I would say the grip is definitely on the medium-light side but very consistent dumbbell to dumbbell. The textured urethane looks great and is also consistent. I also weighed a few of them and all are within the 1.5% stated spec. My wife loves that the basement doesn't reek of rubber anymore and I feel like I can move more weight comfortably. I would highly recommend you check these out.

Mike B.
IRON COMPANY customer reviews

I bought two of the Iron Company Double Barbell Holders to hold my 7’ Olympic barbell and some specialty bars (tricep and EZ curl) and possibly a future bar. These things are thick and solid so I have no worries about them not being able to hold some heavy steel. They also have a thick nylon guard to keep your bars free from damage. Very happy with this product from Iron Company.

Jared M.
IRON COMPANY urethane dumbbell customer reviews

I understand this is a big investment for any home gym, so I really wanted to do my research. There a lot of options out there when you are looking for urethane dumbbells (or any type of dumbbell for that matter), with a number of established companies and new arrivals in the market, I reached out to several suppliers on their products. Unfortunately, I was fairly disappointed as several of the companies could either not tell me much about their own product or simply didn’t respond. This is where Iron Company really excelled in terms of different product offerings and communication. Blair Gannam at IC always responded promptly with honest answers and clear options. He also guided me through the purchasing and delivery process so I knew what to expect all along

Jared M.
IRON COMPANY customer barbell review

I'm very impressed with the overall quality of this bar. It is definitely worth the money. I'm glad that I made this purchase. The Iron Company made sure that it was completely protected during the shipping process so I was very happy with them as well

George A. L.
IRON COMPANY weight bar review and customer service praise

Outstanding weight bar - Fit the bill for all of my needs. Great company - great service - great cost!

Stephen R.
IRON COMPANY weightlifting belt review from customer

Awesome Belt! Awesome people! Ordered as gift for 25 year vet who's been banging weights for a long time. Still has a 650lb raw pull at the age of 54. He loved the belt, and so did I! The quality of the belt stands for itself. Order one and find out!

Sean K.

Iron company

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