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power cages / platform racks

Welcome to IRON COMPANY, your premier destination for top-notch Power Cages and Power Racks since 1997. Whether you're a dedicated powerlifter or a high school athlete, our extensive selection caters to all strength goals. Our online catalog... Read More

Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Cable Attachment for Cable Machines
Body-Solid BSTDB Dog Bone Grip Cable Attachment for Cable Machines
Body-Solid BSTCB Cannonball Grips for Grip Strength
Apollo grappler training pull up grips with attachment straps and carabiner
2” x 3” Steel Beam Pinch Block Grips with Straps
Body-Solid DR378 Dip Attachment for GPR378 Power Rack
Body-Solid BFPR100 Best Fitness Power Rack with 14 Gauge Steel Frame
Body-Solid PPR200X Powerline Power Rack
Body-Solid PPR1000 Powerline Premium Power Rack
USA Made Legend Fitness 7011 Weight Lifting Pulling Blocks
Body-Solid GPR400 Commercial Power Rack
Body-Solid GPR378 Pro Power Rack
Body-Solid SDIB370 Commercial Bench / Squat Rack Combo Package
Powertec WB-PR Workbench Power Rack System with Dip Handles
BodyCraft F430 Power Cage with Optional Weight Stack and Cable Crossover
Body-Solid SPR1000 Full Commercial Power Rack for Commercial Gyms
Peg Squat Rack | Legend Fitness (3138)
York Barbell 48053 Weightlifting Power Cage with optional lat pulldown and weight plate storage
Legend Fitness 3121 Commercial Squat Rack for Strength Training
USA Made Premium Half Rack for Weightlifting in Commercial Gyms
Fat Bar Power Station | Legend Fitness (3171)
Combo Cage | Legend Fitness (3230)
Evolution Light Commercial Power Cage
Heavy-Duty Power Cage | Legend Fitness (3133)
Squat Rack
York Barbell ST Power Rack with Weight Plate Storage
Status Series Open Squat Rack | SportsArt (A965)
York Barbell ST Power Cage with weight plate storage and pull-up bar
Multi-Function Rack
Deluxe Power Rack
Power Cage | Muscle D Fitness (MD-PC)
Performance Series Triple Power Cage | Legend Fitness (3209)
Pro Series Power Station
Status Series Power Cage | SportsArt (A966)
Pro-XL Power Rack
Legend Fitness 3142-3223 Half Cage with Oak Insert Lifting Platform
Power Station with Insert Platform
Power Cage w/Olympic Insert Platform | Legend Fitness (3133-3223)
TuffStuff PXLS-7950 Pro-X Super Rack
Legend Fitness 3155 Double-Sided Half Cage with Single Oak Insert Platform
York Barbell ST Triple Combo Power Rack with Weight Plate Holders, Pull-Up Bars and Adjustable J-Hooks
Pro Series Triple Power Cage | Legend Fitness (3321)
Legend Fitness 3226 Pro Series Half Cage
Legend Fitness 3155-3223-2 Double Sided Half Cage with Dual Insert Platforms
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