Nunchuck Grips 2" Diameter Grappler Training Grip Attachments (Pair) – Body-Solid (BSTNG)

Pull-Up Bar, Rig, Chain, Weight Plate NOT Included
Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Cable Attachment for Cable Machines
Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Cable Attachment for Cable Machines
Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Cable Attachment for Cable Machines Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips for Grappler Grip Training Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Rack Attachment for Pull Ups Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Rig Attachment for Wide Grip Pull Ups Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips for Weighted Holds Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips for Hammer Curls

Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Training Tool – The BSTNG Nunchuck Grips by Body-Solid are a multi-functional strength training tool with 2-inch diameter fat grip handles to enhance grip strength for bodyweight exercises, cable machine training, and strongman workouts. Nunchuck Grips, also known as Grandfather Clock Grips and Grappler Training Grips, are fashioned after the traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon known as nunchaku popularized in modern culture by actor and martial artist Bruce Lee. In many combative sports and mixed martial arts the main tool is the hand itself. The ability to grab, hold, and secure your opponent is often the difference between victory and defeat. Grip strength and neuro-muscular endurance can be developed and enhanced by grabbing an object firmly that pulls away from you with resistance or force, or by pulling yourself towards that same object. Body-Solid Nunchuck Grips, like other fat bar attachments and thick grip accessories, feature a handle much thicker than standard Olympic bars, dumbbell handles, kettlebell handles, and cable machine attachments. The thicker 2-inch grip diameter closely approximates the average wrist diameter of an opponent during MMA training and competition. The more you use the Nunchuck handles for weight training and bodyweight training, the stronger you will get in the fingers, hands, and forearms.

To use as a bodyweight training tool, attach the Nunchuck Grips to any pull-up bar on a power rack, modular rig, half cage, or wall-mounted chin-up bar. Use Nunchuck for pull-ups similar to the classic towel grip pull-up or add them to a rig for a challenging monkey bar course. The commercial-grade nylon hang straps will wrap several times around the bar and through the D-rings attached via caribineers to the attachment anchors, and are then strongly and safely secured first by a hook and loop closure that fastens vertically followed by a second hook and loop closure that goes horizontally around the bundled straps. This multi-layered wrap shortens the distance between the attachment and bar to only a few inches to avoid creating additional swing during exercise. The textured paint finish creates a secure gripping surface to help avoid slipping during use and allow the athlete to hold on until muscle fatigue takes over and prevents further repetitions or timed holds. This textured surface also holds more chalk when used by the serious athlete to maximize grip during training.

To use as a gym machine cable attachment, remove the nylon hang strap and D-ring from the carabiner. Attach the carabiner directly to the cable end of a selectorized machine pulley. Using one hand firmly grab a single Nunchuck Grip and use for tricep pressdowns, tricep kickbacks, or overhead tricep extensions. Nunchuck Grips also work well as an alternate hand grip position for standing or seated rows when attached to a mid pulley. By attaching both Nunchuck Grips to the ends of a short chain and then fastening the chain at the middle link to your cable end, you may also create variations of tricep rope exercises utilizing a fat grip for more forearm engagement.

Utilize the Nunchuck Grips as a strength training tool for weight lifting, power lifting, and strong man training. Attach the Nunchuck Grips directly to an kettlebell handle or attach to the ends of a short chain fed through the slot on a grip plate for hammer curls, upright rows, bent over rows, shrugs, goblet squats, and weighted hand holds to push your grip to a new level. The Nunchuck Grips are also ideal for performing farmers walks to strengthen your hand grip as well as forearms.


  • (2) Nunchuck Grip Attachments
  • (2) Carabiners
  • (2) Hang Straps

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  • Welded steel construction
  • Non-slip red matte textured powder coat paint finish
  • 6.1" grip length
  • 2" grip diameter
  • Heavy-duty adjustable nylon hang straps with metal D-rings
  • Double hook and loop closure system for fastening
  • Strap length: 12" long before fastening, 4" hang length when fastened
  • Sturdy carabiners for use with nylon hang straps or for attachment directly to machine cables
  • For use with pull-up bars, kettlebells, grip plates, selectorized machine cable ends
  • Ideal for home gyms, garage gyms, or commercial gyms
  • Maximum recommended user weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Pull-up bar, rig, chain, weight plate sold SEPARATELY
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    • Unit Dimensions (grip only): 6.1" H x 2.0" L x 2.0" W
    • Unit Dimensions (grip with strap): 15.2" H x 2.0" L x 2.0" W
    • Unit Weight: 1.45 lbs. each / 2.9 lbs. for pair

    Instructions for Fastening with Hang Straps
    Body-Solid BSTNG Nunchuck Grips Hanging Instructions
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