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Welcome to IRON COMPANY’s specialized Prism Fitness Group Featured Brands page, your ultimate source for innovative and self-guiding fitness equipment! Since 1997, IRON COMPANY has been a trusted e-commerce leader, supplying a wide array of... Read More

Self-Guided SMART Stability Ball Sets for Commercial Gyms
Self-Guided SMART Roller
Prism Fitness Self-Guided SMART Medicine Ball Set
Self-Guided SMART Workout Mat
Self-Guided SMART Exercise Mat w/Grommets
Prism Fitness SMART Straps Ceiling/Wall Mount for Bodyweight Trainers
Prism Fitness SMART Modular Agility Ladder for Athletic Training Drills
Prism Fitness SMART Core Wheel with Self-Guided Exercise Mat
SMART Acceleration Ladder - 37’
SMART Hurdles - 6" - Set of 6
SMART Hurdles - 12" - Set of 6
Adjustable SMART Hurdles - 12” to 18” - Set of 3
Adjustable SMART Hurdles - 12” to 18” - Set of 3
Adjustable SMART Hurdles - 12” to 18” - Set of 3
Prism Fitness SMART Battle Rope Caddy and Rope Anchor
Prism Fitness SMART In-Home Boot Camp Package
 30” -- Prism Fitness Group (400-150-056)
Prism Fitness Self Guided SMART Economy Fitness Package with Ball Rack
Prism Fitness Group Self-Guided SMART Essential Package with Storage Tower
Self-Guided SMART Commercial Fitness Package with Storage Tower
SMART Hurdle Collection with Smart Cart
SMART Cart Training System Portable Boot Camp
Prism Fitness Self-Guided SMART Elite Commercial Package with Storage Tower
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