Welcome to the PlateMate Featured Brands page at IRON COMPANY, your trusted online destination for innovative micro-loading products since 1997. We proudly present PlateMate's unique range of weighted magnets designed to add incremental resistance to barbells, dumbbells, and weight stacks, ensuring smaller weight jumps and safer, more effective workouts. Whether you're focusing on rehabilitation or aiming to intensify your training, PlateMate offers versatile solutions like hex magnets for hex dumbbells, donut magnets for pro-style dumbbells and barbells, and brick magnets for exercise machines with weight stacks.

Buying PlateMate branded products from IRON COMPANY means you’re investing in quality and innovation. We ship throughout the United States and offer installation services where needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a GSA contract, and we proudly supply a diverse range of clients including the US Government, prestigious universities, professional sports teams, commercial gym chains, and Fortune 500 companies. Leverage our two decades of industry experience and explore the benefits of PlateMate products, backed by our dedicated team of experienced sales reps ready to assist you. Elevate your fitness journey with PlateMate and IRON COMPANY – pioneering online gym equipment supply.

1.25 lb. Hex Magnetic Add-On Weights (Pair) | PlateMate (PM12H-PAIR)
1.25 lb. Donut Magnetic Add-On Weights (Pair) | PlateMate (PM12D-PAIR)
2.5 lb. Brick Magnetic Add-On Weight (Single) | PlateMate (PM25B)
5 lb. Brick Magnetic Add-On Weight (Single) | PlateMate (PM5B)
2.5 lb. Donut Magnetic Add-On Weights (Pair) | PlateMate (PM25D-PAIR)
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