Gym Flooring

Welcome to IRON COMPANY, your trusted source for premium gym equipment and flooring solutions since 1997. Our brand is synonymous with excellence, offering a diverse range of Gym Flooring solutions to meet the needs of residential, commercial,... Read More

Modular PVC Flooring Tile Corner Piece
Interlocking Reducer Strips For PVC Aerobic Tiles
Remnant Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring On Sale
Rolled Rubber Gym Flooring made from recycled rubber harvested from car and truck tires.
Rolled Rubber Flooring For Gyms
Interlocking PVC Shower Tiles for Locker Rooms
Modular PVC Cushion Tiles For Aerobics
Artificial Turf Grass Indoor/Outdoor 5mm | Patriot Artificial Turf (IC-PL705)
Interlocking PVC Temp Flooring Tiles
Ultimate RB Rubber Ultimate-Tough TRU-LOCK Interlocking Gym Tiles in Solid Black
Regupol Aktivlok Black Rubber Interlocking Flooring Tiles available at IRON COMPANY for residential, commercial and government installations.
GYMlogix Commercial Recycled Interlocking Gym Tiles - Center
Regupol Aktivlok Interlocking Weight Room Tiles
GYMlogix Commercial Recycled Interlocking Gym Tiles - Center
ZIP TILES Interlocking Rubber Puzzle Mats 28.5" x 28.5" x 9mm | NWR (552040)
CrossFit Surfaces Box System - Interlocking Rubber Flooring | SurfaceCo (CB212-412-618)
Virgin Rubber Interlocking Gym Tiles
CrossFit Surfaces Games System - Interlocking Rubber Flooring | SurfaceCo (CF-GAMESSYSTEM)
Performance Rally Tile Interlocking Gym Flooring | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-RALLY-TILE)
USA Made Interlocking Rubber Tiles For Gyms
Dollamur Flexi-Roll Martial Arts Mats
Heavy-Duty Mega-Lock Commercial Interlocking Rubber Mats
FIT-TILE High Performance Sport Flooring Tiles for Gyms
Performance UltraTile High-Density | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-ULTRATILE)
Aeromat AEROMAT-32400-32414 Adjustable Yoga Straps
DojoTILES Martial Arts Foam Interlocking Dojo Tiles
Bounce Back Playground Safety Surface Tiles
Red Barn Rubber Stall Mats For Gyms | North West Rubber (1202210) Available in 3’ x 4’ and 4’ x 6’
PaveSafe Big E Tile | ECORE (PAVESAFE-BIG-E)
Enviro Care Neutral Flooring Disinfectant | ECORE (ENVIRO-CARE)
Aeromat 30100 Yoga Mat Carrying Harness
Regupol TR.BT437 Double Sided Adhesive Tape Rolls | 3" x 75' | Flooring and Carpet
Sikaflex Elastomeric Rubber Flooring Adhesive Seam Sealer
PlayGuard Vulcanized Playground Tiles | ECORE (PLAYGUARD)
Aeromat EcoWise 80201 Yoga Mat Carrying Bag with Strap
Big Foot Rubber Gym Flooring Tiles - 47" x 47" x 1/2" | Rubberlogix (RL-4412)
E-Cleaner Flooring Cleaner | ECORE (E-CLEANER)
Foam Exercise Mat Hanging Rack
Foam Workout Mat Hanging Rack
Foam Workout Mats w/Handle
Fitness Mat Bag
Performance dBTile Advanced Shock Absorbtion | ECORE (PERFORMANCE-DBTILE)
Aeromat Elite Foam Workout Mat 1/2" Thick with Eyelets
Self-Guided SMART Workout Mat
Smash Mat - Vulcanized Weight Room Mat | ECORE (SMASH-MAT)
Aeromat 75005 Wall-Mounted Adjustable Workout Mat Hanging Rack
Self-Guided SMART Exercise Mat w/Grommets
Black Rubber Weight Equipment Mats