Kinetex Carpet Tiles – SurfaceCo (KINETEX)


Sold In 72 Sq. Ft. Boxes
18" x 36" and 24" x 24" Tiles

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Kinetex Carpet Tiles – Kinetex is a peel and stick carpet tile available in 18" x 36" and 24" x 24" sizes. More than just a carpet tile, Kinetex is a Non-Woven polyester textile composite flooring that offers exceptional anti-fatigue and acoustical performance. For the environmentally conscious, Kinetex tiles greatly minimize air particulates that trigger allergies and cause infection and and are even made from more than 55% post-consumer recycled materials. The Kinetex flooring tiles non-slip properties and extreme durability make them the perfect flooring solution for locker rooms, cardio equipment areas, basements, classrooms, airports and all other high traffic areas. 

Kinetex Advanced Textile Composite Flooring

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  • ACOUSTICS – Unparalleled Acoustic Performance with one of the highest Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC) and Impact Insulation Classifications (IIC) ratings of any commercial flooring product. The result is a dramatic reduction in both airborne and structure-born noise, allowing for greater voice recognition, fewer mistakes, less vocal strain, enhanced learning and improved occupant perception.
  • COMFORT – Exceptional Anti-Fatigue Properties. Because it can absorb energy, Kinetex has the potential to reduce repetitive foot stress injuries and other injuries related to both standing and frequent movement from place to place.
  • DURABILITY – Tested to 5 Million Steps. One of the most thoroughly tested flooring products on the market, it has outstanding dimensional stability and unparalleled crush resistance.
  • FIBER – 100% Polyester Continuous Filament Fiber System
  • HEALTH – Surpasses California’s 01350 Requirements. Kinetex minimizes air particulates that trigger allergies and cause infection. 
  • MAINTENANCE – Holds Less Water & Dries Faster. Kinetex cleans easily with vacuuming, encapsulation cleaning or hot water extraction (in areas prone to heavy soiling). It retains less water than carpet and therefore dries quickly. Kinetex is bleach resistant* and resists the most challenging staining agents, such as blood, urine, betadine and hand sanitizers. Maintenance of Kinetex is simple compared to that of hard-surface flooring. There is no need for stripping, wear layer application or buffing — saving time and maintenance costs.
  • MOISTURE – Holds Less Water & Dries Faster. Moisture mitigation is not necessary with Kinetex; its breathable nature allows moisture to pass through its backing, instead of trapping it underneath. 
  • SAFETY – Only Textile Floor Covers Certified as High Traction. Kinetex is the only wall-to-wall textile floor covering certified as High-Traction by the National Floor Safety Institute. Its innovative construction creates one of the most slip-resistant flooring surfaces ever tested - wet or dry - to prevent falls before they happen. And with a unique low profile, Kinetex has minimal rolling resistance, potentially reducing injuries from pushing or pulling. 
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Made with more than 55% Post Consumer Recycled Content, Kinetex is NSF/ANSI-140 Platinum certified - the industry-leading standard for sustainability.
  • Government Purchase – Available for open market Government and Military purchase through IRON COMPANY® GSA contract GS-07F-0104M and CMAS contract 4-12-78-0066A.


  • Locker Rooms
  • Cardio Areas
  • Selectorized Areas
  • Common Spaces
  • Basements
  • PT & Training Rooms
  • Classrooms & Offices
  • Hallways & High Traffic Areas

Kinetex carpet tiles are sold in boxes of 72 sq. ft.. Boxes cannot be split or broken up. 

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    • Tile Size: Kinetex is available as a 24" x 24" module or a 18" x 36" Plank in select styles.
    • Weight: 4.5 oz to 5.2 oz per square foot (nominal average)
    • Thickness: 0.205 inches (nominal average)
    • Fiber: Kinetex proudly features 100% polyester fiber. Our fiber is 100% solution-dyed, providing rich long lasting color with superior stain resistance and color fastness to ultraviolet light and aggressive cleaning methods. This continuous filament fiber system also delivers superior wear performance, soil resistance, anti-abrasion and extended new floor covering appearance.
    • Electro Static Testing: AATCC 134-06 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets. Maximum average voltage = 1.7 KV
    • Packaging: Each carton of 24" x 24" Kinetex contains eighteen (18) modules (72 square feet) and each carton of 18" x 36" Kinetex contains sixteen (16) modules (72 square feet).
    • Temperature: Indoor temperature should never fall below 55° F, regardless of age of installation. 
    • Adhesive: No adhesive required. Kinetex peel and stick adhesive backing bonds with applied primer for easy installation.
    • Primer: Sub-floor primer is required for installation and will be included in your order at no additional cost.
    • Installation: For indoor installation ONLY. Installing Kinetex is as easy to install as traditional modular carpet, however special attention should be applied until installers gain experience with module placement. Installers should perform site and material conditioning, surface preparation, concrete pH and moisture testing as if the were installing carpet modules. Because it is such a light-weight material, the modules cut very easily, reducing installation time.

    Click here to view Kinetex PreFix carpet tile installation instructions


    • Please refer to Kinetex image gallery.


    • All colors and patterns are available in 24" x 24" tiles EXCEPT the Umbra collection.
    • 18" x 36" tiles are available in Propel Outpace, Umbra Opaque, Umbra Shadow and Umbra Eclipse.


    • Lifetime performance warranty for Product Performance, Colorfastness (Light and Crocking), Stain Removal, Static Propensity, Edge Ravel, Delamination and Dimensional Stability.


    • Shipping NOT included. Please email or call for most economical shipping costs. Online orders will have additional UPS or freight charges emailed to customer within 24-hours and will be charged and shipped upon approval by customer.
    • Packaging: Each carton of 24″ x 24″ Kinetex contains eighteen (18) modules (72 square feet) and each carton of 18″ x 36″ Kinetex contains sixteen (16) modules (72 square feet).


    • All Kinetex carpet tiles shown ship within approximately 10 days.