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Discover the heartbeat of IRON COMPANY with our array of distinguished Featured Athletes — a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, excellence, and expertise in the fitness industry. As a pioneering e-commerce brand since 1997, we proudly showcase a team that boasts of decorated IPF World Powerlifting Champions such as Kirk Karwoski and Brad Gillingham, alongside renowned CrossFit athletes, wheelchair Olympia bodybuilding champion, Tyler Brey, and globally acclaimed coaches like Marty Gallagher. Our athletes not only epitomize peak physical prowess but are a living embodiment of IRON COMPANY's spirit of perseverance, dedication, and passion for fitness. Dive deep into their journeys, training secrets, and inspirational stories, curated meticulously to foster a community of fitness enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of gym equipment not just as a commodity, but a way of life. Backed by a rich history of recognition, including a prestigious GSA contract awarded by the US Government in 2001, our expert-driven content aims to serve as a beacon of trust, reliability, and unparalleled authority in the fitness realm. Explore now and find out why top universities, professional sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies choose IRON COMPANY as their trusted partner in forging paths to fitness success.

Kirk Karwoski

An American world champion powerlifter. Kirk Karwoski is a 7 time USPF National Powerlifting Champion, a 6 time IPF World Powerlifting Champion and an IPF Junior World Powerlifting Champion. Kirk is widely considered one of the greatest squatters in the history of powerlifting and currently holds the International Powerlifting Federation equipped world record in the squat of 455 kg. (1,003 lbs.) in the 125 kg. weight class which was set in 1995. Leading up to that competition he squatted 1,000 lbs. for 2 reps in training. Many people recognize Kirk's800 lb. x 5 raw squatto be one of the most impressive squat sets in history, as it was done using only a weightlifting belt (not even knee wraps) and he had not yet reached his max bodyweight at the time. Kirk is often known by his nickname "Captain Kirk". Kirk is currently a content and product design contributor at IRON COMPANY and is available for online training consultations. See Kirk Karwoski on Wikipedia. Contact

Jackie Perez

Jackie Perez is a Crossfit athlete and coach out of CSA GYM in Dublin California. Growing up she played every sport she could and continued throughout high school and college. She obtained her BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Physical Education teaching from California State University East Bay Upon graduating she gained some weight and knew something had to change. She began her career in Fitness and personal training because she wanted to get fit and learn how to help others do the same which quickly became her passion. After working at 24 hour fitness as a Master Trainer for a few years she found Crossfit. Crossfit took the place of competitive sports and her new goal wasn't only to get in shape, now it was to get to the Crossfit Games.

Marty Gallagher

Marty Gallagher is an Athlete, Coach and Writer with deep roots in the fitness industry that date back to the early 1960's. He's written for Powerlifting USA, Flex Magazine, Muscle and Fitness and is the author of numerous books including The Purposeful Primitive, Strong Medicine and Ed Coan's book, "The Man, the Myth, the Method". He's coached numerous powerlifting superstars including Kirk Karwoski and Eddie Coan and today is employed by the US Government to train top tier spec ops. As an athlete at the early age of twelve, Marty was competing as an Olympic weightlifter and in 1964 at age 14 he became the youngest person to ever win a DCAAU senior men's title. At age 17, Gallagher won his first national title and set his first national records. As a teen lifter he posted a 270 press, a 235 snatch, and a 315 clean and jerk weighing while 195 pounds. Marty currently writes a weekly column for IRON COMPANY, RAW with Marty Gallagher, which includes information on resistance training, cardio training, nutrition and brain train. Marty is available for online training and seminars. Contact

Brad Gillingham

Brad Gillingham is a 6 time IPF World Powerlifting Champion and a 13 time USAPL National Powerlifting Champion. Brad has won 34 Major Events. Brad has set IPF Open World Records in the 120+ kg Class with a 395 kg (870 lbs.) deadlift at the 2011 IPF Pacific Invitational in Melbourne, Australia, and a 397.5 kg (876 lbs.) deadlift at the 2011 IPF World Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Brad set the IPF Open Classic (RAW) World Record deadlift at the 2013 IPF Classic World Championships in Suzdal, Russia with a 375 kg (826 lbs.) deadlift. Brad has set 16 IPF Masters World Records with highlights being a 400 kg (881 lbs.) deadlift at the 2010 IPF World Championships in Potchefstroom, South Africa and a 1057.5 kg (2331 lbs.) Total at the 2008 IPF Masters World Championships in Palm Springs, California. He is a 6’ 5” athlete with a competition weight that ranged from 120-145kg. Brad was inducted into the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Hall of Fame in November 2006, and into the IPF North American Powerlifting Federation (NAPF) Hall of Fame earlier that same year. Brad was a U.S.A. Powerlifting (USAPL) Brother Bennett (Hall of Fame) Award recipient in 2003. He was inducted into the Minnesota Chapter of the National Strength Coaches Association (NSCA) Hall of Fame in 2010. Brad has multiple publications including the Brad Gillingham Deadlift and Training DVD, Brad Gillingham Deadlift Training Manual and has authored multiple strength training articles. He is currently the head strength coach at Jackals Gym in Minnesota. See Brad Gillingham on Wikipedia.

Tyler Brey

I wrestled from 7th grade until my first year in college. I competed in Paralympic Powerlifting from 2007 to 2012. Then I did my first bodybuilding show in 2015. I've learned more things through these experiences than I could put into words. But some of the most important things these experiences have taught me is the importance of unrelenting work ethic, having a high expectation of yourself, and having an unrealistic belief in yourself. If you only believe what the world says is realistic for you, I guarantee you won't come anywhere close to your full potential. You will remain mediocre like the rest of the world because you believed the opinions of the world. Dream big and don't be afraid to fail. I would rather look back on my life and see a million failures at accomplishing big things than look back and see nothing because I was too afraid to fail.

Kyra Milligan

I am a CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting athlete out of Put It Up Crossfit in Orem, Utah. Growing up I tried to play any sport I could, but my favorites were gymnastics and basketball. When I moved away for college I missed that competitive feeling, so my boyfriend introduced me to Crossfit. I’ve been doing Crossfit since March of 2016 and I keep inching closer to my chance and goal of competing individually at regionals.

Currently I have my AS in science and am going to school for Dental Hygiene to obtain my bachelors in Science, my life is a little crazy right now with school, but training is still a huge part of my daily life. My training consists of 5-6 days in the gym while taking 1 day off completely and spending it with the people I love most in my life. I will usually go into the gym and start my training off with some Olympic lifting, some skillcons and finishing the sessions of with 1-2 metcons per day. As I stated before, for Crossifit my goal is to make it individually to regionals, but for lifting my goal is to make it as far as I can as a 53Kg weightlifter this year instead of a 58. Training as hard as I do isn't just to reach those goals, it is also to see how much I improve per year and be the best version of me possible.

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