Gym Flooring

Since 1997, IRON COMPANY has been your online source for gym flooring products, accessories and installation for residential, commercial and government purchase on GSA contract.

What is gym flooring? Gym flooring is purchased and installed to create a protective barrier between the subfloor, usually consisting of wood or concrete, and gym equipment, such as free weights and machines. The most common rubber gym flooring products used in home gyms and commercial gyms are rubber flooring rolls, interlocking rubber tiles and rubber gym mats. Other gym flooring product options are artificial turf, foam mats and rolls, interlocking PVC tiles, carpet tiles and more.

What is the best gym flooring for me? The best gym flooring for you depends on what you will be using it for. For free weights, such as dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells, rubber gym flooring including rolled rubber, interlocking rubber tiles and rubber gym mats are ideal. For moderate poundages, ¼” to 3/8” thick rubber is usually enough, and they will be cheaper than the thicker options. For heavier lifters, ½” to ¾” thick mats and interlocking tiles are recommended.

For those not shopping for gym flooring made from rubber, there are plenty of other choices available. Artificial turf is very popular for sports performance facilities and CrossFit boxes and is great for agility training and even weighted sled training. Foam gym tiles and rolls are more about protecting the athlete than the subfloor. Grappling mats, martial arts tiles and Flexi-Rolls are used to protect wrestlers, martial artists, gymnasts and cheerleaders from bumps and bruises during practice and tournaments. And interlocking PVC tiles come in several shapes, sizes, textures and colors depending on what they are used for. You can purchase interlocking PVC tiles for everything from aerobic flooring to outdoor temp floors for events to non-slip pool and shower surfacing. The types of gym flooring available and their applications is vast.

Who should purchase rubber gym flooring? Anyone who wishes to protect their floors or add functionality and aesthetics to their space is a good candidate for purchasing and installing gym flooring. With the right guidance, you can select a flooring option that works best within your budget and is the right fit for your training or facility needs.

Gym flooring accessories, maintenance products and installation tools. You’ll also find flooring adhesives for installation as well as maintenance items like cleaners and sealants. Our gym flooring products and supplies are neatly categorized to make shopping easy. Need help finding the right product for your space and budget? Visit our Contact Us page today and reach out to one of our IRON COMPANY gym flooring experts.

Custom Gym Flooring Private Labelling And Branding - Let IRON COMPANY help you expand your passion and build your brand with custom private labelled gym flooring and best-in-class product quality and pricing. Relax, we’ll take care of everything! Contact an IRON COMPANY equipment rep today to get started.

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