Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Tiles 4’ x 4’ x 7/16” -- Ironcompany (IRONCO-DPLATE-MATS)

Available in Black, Gray, Dust Blue, Khaki, Terra Cotta, Brown, Green, Burgundy, Royal Blue and Brilliant Red.

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Black Rubber Diamond Plate Weight Room Mats - Protecting floors from hard core impact during heavy dumbbell and barbell workouts is important. Diamond Plate Rubber Floor Tiles are a massive 4' x 4' x 7/16" tile featuring a recessed diamond plate pattern. Each tile weighs 50 lbs. each so there is no need for adhesive tape or liquid adhesive when installing. Our virgin rubber diamond plate flooring tiles are dense, able to withstand high impact and have an extremely strong tensile strength of not less than 890 PSI which makes them perfect for high traffic, intense workout areas. Each tile is formulated with a solid color virgin rubber which means the color runs completely through and will never come off. Our heavy-duty commercial quality rubber diamond plate tiles are not just for weight room use. They also add a great look to garage floors, group training areas, work rooms, etc. Cleaning your tiles is quick and easy. Virgin rubber is completely non-porous so there is nowhere for dirt and liquids to hide. Clean your diamond plate flooring mats by simply vacuuming or using a mop with a mild soap and water solution.

Gray and Dust Blue Rubber Diamond Plate Gym Tiles - Add color to your weight room with these USA Made Diamond Plate Flooring Tiles that are available in a solid Gray and Dust Blue color. Just like our standard Black Diamond Plate Gym Tiles, our colored tiles will protect garage gym floors to commercial gym floors, and everything in between, from impact that comes from dumbbells, barbells and weight plates. Use your tiles underneath dumbbell racks, weight benches, squat racks, cardio equipment, etc. Rubber diamond plate tiles are slip-resistant, even when wet, so are suitable for group training areas too.

Diamond Plate Rubber Mats constructed from virgin rubber offer superior protection when compared to recycled rubber flooring tiles. Virgin rubber demonstrates an extremely high tensile strength of not less than 890 PSI and will not cold flow or lose its shape under extreme pressure. Each tile measures 4' x 4' x 7/16" and weighs in at 50 lbs. each so once they are installed they don't move, even without adhesive. You can even use them as a portable deadlifting mat.

Premium Rubber Diamond Plate Gym Flooring Tiles - Get the same weight room flooring protection as our black, gray and dust blue diamond plate tiles with an added high end look from beautiful, rich colors that include khaki, terra cotta, brown, green, burgundy, royal blue and brilliant red. Premium colored rubber diamond plate tiles don't just feature a superficial top coat of color that can wear through. Each tile is molded from virgin rubber which means the color is present throughout 100% of the tile. Brighten up any weight room, garage gym, fitness studio or commercial club with premium protective rubber gym flooring with a recessed diamond plate pattern. USA Made Premium Diamond Plate Tiles are so eye catching you'll want to use them for much more than weight rooms. Use them in Group X training facilities, offices, industrial applications or wherever you'd like to give a classy, industrial look.



  • 4' x 4' Diamond Plate Tile - 16 Sq. Ft. total per tile
  • 7/16" Thick
  • Vulcanized High Tensile Strength Virgin Rubber. Colors run completely through tiles, not just on surface
  • Non-porous. Extremely impact resistant
  • Easy to clean with vacuum, broom or mop
  • Depending on color, tile size may be + or - 1/4" of an inch in either direction.
  • We do not recommend mixing colors as each color can vary slightly in size.
  • Loose lay. No adhesive required
  • Tile weight: 50 lbs. each
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 15-Tile Minimum


Diamond Plate Color Options


Dust Blue


Terra Cotta



Royal Blue


Brilliant Red

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Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Tiles 4’ x 4’ x 7/16” -- Ironcompany (IRONCO-DPLATE-MATS)
Diamond Plate Rubber Flooring Tiles 4’ x 4’ x 7/16” -- Ironcompany (IRONCO-DPLATE-MATS)