EKHO - EKHO manufactures a complete line of high quality, yet affordable, heart rate monitors and watches, single and bulk buy pedometers, hand held stopwatches and pulse oximeters for personal wellness and fitness training in the retail and commercial markets. EKHO hear rate monitors include a large display and continuous heart rate count making them ideal for CrossFit, cardio and HIIT training. EKHO stopwatches monitor your personal workout times and speeds, duration of a sporting event or race, or interval cross-training. And the pedometers are a very popular item in schools that help teachers and coaches monitor students walking steps, distances, calories burned and exercise time. All EKHO products include shipping to your location within the continental US.

IRON COMPANY is one of EKHO’s oldest and most trusted online dealers. Let us know if you have product questions or would like a custom bundled quote. Call 1-888-758-7527 or email quotes@ironcompany.com

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  1. Ekho One Pedometer Step Counter for Walking Programs
    $28.99 IRON COMPANY
  2. Ekho Worker Bee Pedometer Step Counter for School Walking Programs
    $30.99 IRON COMPANY
  3. Ekho K-150 Hand Held Stopwatch for CrossFit
    $41.99 IRON COMPANY
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