Why Rubber Flooring is Perfect For your Dog Kennel and Daycare Facility

Why Rubber Flooring is Perfect For your Dog Kennel and Daycare Facility

Dog Daycare Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring has grown increasingly popular in the pet world as more dog daycare, training centers, kennels and obedience schools use it for its resilience, durability, anti-fatigue qualities and to help reduce stress to the legs and paws of canine clients.

Selected as a top choice amongst pet industry business owners, rubber flooring is the perfect non-slip surface that is easy to keep clean and allows for easy maintenance!

What rubber flooring options are available for my canine business?
In general, when it comes to providing your pet facility with rubber flooring, there are two options you want to consider. The option you ultimately choose will be decided by your use, ease of installation, ease of cleaning and aesthetics.

Rolled Rubber Flooring For Dog Daycare Facilities Rolled Rubber Flooring For Dog Daycare Facilities


Rolled Rubber Flooring
Offering phenomenal durability, rolled rubber flooring is the perfect solution for a facility looking for indoor or outdoor coverage. Options for basic black (great for indoor and outdoor use) and color fleck (best used for indoor only applications to minimize sun exposure to color fleck fading) give a business owner the chance to select rubber flooring that will offer a fit and finish that provides exceptional traction and support for any canine facility.

Rolled rubber flooring is manufactured in various sizes, however, it should be noted that the most popular and cost effective roll sizes are 4’ in width by 25’ or 50’ lengths as this allows a facility to create a clean installation with minimal seams.

Rolls are adhered to a subfloor using double sided rubber flooring tape (considered semi-permanent) that is used down center of rolls, at perimeters and at all seams or they can be adhered to a subfloor by using a glue adhesive such as MasterWeld 941 (considered permanent) which is a polyurethane based industrial adhesive. With either a tape or glue adhesive, roll installation would require a seam adhesive such as SikaFlex which is used to seal all edges (seam to seam or to perimeter).

Veterinarian approved sealant, such as CleanBreak Rubber Flooring Mat Sealant is used for rolled rubber flooring applications at installation and periodically throughout the season (6 months to 1 year based on traffic) as rolls are made from 100% recycle rubber. A sealant will fill in pours to create a water resistant surface that helps to keep floors clean and free from bacteria build up.

Rubber Mats and Rolled Rubber For Dog Daycare Facilities Image used with permission of Happy Hound Dog Resorts in Jacksonville, FL


Vulcanized Rubber Mats
A unique choice for pet business owners is the vulcanized rubber mat (virgin rubber) that offers a non-porous surface! This means a kennel owner will not need to apply a sealant to keep urine and feces out of the mats. Better yet, vulcanized mats, which can also be used indoors and outdoors, are extremely strong and used in zoos and farms so they are sure to stand any major test produced by even the largest pack of dogs!

Vulcanized rubber mats come in vast assortment of sizes with the most popular choice being a 4’ x 6’ mat. Thickness will also vary with offerings in 3/8”, ½” and ¾” straight edge units. These mat sizes are perfect for loose lay applications and require no adhesive. As many doggie daycare and canine agility centers lease space that may grow and shrink with their business, these loose lay 4’ x 6’ mats are perfect for a business owners bottom line!

Rubber mats offer a stable comfortable base for daycare, agility, and vet care locations and they provide amazing traction when moisture becomes a factor. You can quickly mop up an accident and if needed pull up a single tile and clean under it. In seconds the mess is clean and any bacteria, worms and parasites are gone.

CleanBreak Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant
CleanBreak Rubber Flooring and Mat Sealant


How do I clean my rubber flooring at my canine facility?
Sure as day your canine clients will bring smiles and smells to your business. While the smiles will keep you on cloud nine, the spills and smells that come along with owning a dog daycare can drive your profits down. Don’t let a prospective canine client’s owner be discouraged on their facility tour as the foul orders caused by bacteria and micro-organisms drive them and your profits out the door. Keep your location smelling fresh with periodic rubber flooring cleaning!

The best solution to cleaning rubber floors is a Neutral PH Flooring Cleaner and Degreaser by CleanBreak that is a formula designed specifically to work with rolled rubber and vulcanized mat systems. This phosphate-free product works by deodorizing and sanitizing and it’s the perfect item to kill bacteria that can cause odor.

Simply mop it on your rubber flooring surface and leave it! CleanBreak is environmentally safe, it leaves no streaks and there is no need to rinse. It’s also very economical and can be used for light or heavy cleaning and for in between freshen ups!

Where can I buy rubber flooring for my dog daycare business?
No matter how large or small your canine facility flooring needs are, IRON COMPANY® has a terrific assortment of USA Made rubber flooring options, flooring thicknesses and color fleck offerings to complete your project and protect your canine clients!

End your search for rubber flooring here! With excellent pricing, exceptional quality product and expertise with customer service to match, we are your one stop shop!

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