PVC interlocking flooring tiles for home gyms, garages and retail stores.

Instant Flooring Transformation with Lock-Tile PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking PVC Tiles Add a Rainbow of Color and Layer of Protection to any Floor

In need of durable flooring solution that’s tough as nails? Renovating your garage and need an epoxy flooring garage alternative? Or have a commercial facility that needs new floors in a short amount of time?

PVC Interlocking Tiles by Lock-Tile are the instant flooring solution!

What are Lock-Tiles made of?
Lock-Tiles are made of recycled PVC, the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. It is an odorless plastic that is dominantly known as “vinyl.” There are many grades of PVC that range from being flexible for uses such as hoses to firmer grades for industrial uses such as pipes and flooring, but the end result of the recycled formulation to create the Lock-Tiles is a strong, practical, and green. Since the Lock-Tiles are made of 100% recycled PVC for Black and Gray tiles, and 70% recycled PVC for other color tiles, LEED points are obtained for commercial interiors, retail, and hospitality projects working towards a specific LEED certification level.

Lock-Tile PVC Flooring Tiles are made from recycled PVC material Lock-Tile PVC Flooring Tiles are made from recycled PVC material

Why choose Lock-Tile Interlocking PVC Tiles?

Lock-Tile PVC flooring tiles are strong and have 2700 lb. tensile strength rating so they can withstand heavy loads of a jungle-gym system, multiple strength training selectorized machines, and even an airplane. The PVC tiles are also able withstand high impacts of a dumbbell or barbell accidentally dropping, and can even withstand commercial warehouse use of hand trucks and forklifts. Because they are non-porous and are resilient to chemicals such as gasoline, oil, and acids, they are an excellent garage flooring for wrench work under the hood of any car or even military Humvee.

Evertile Lock-Tiles are perfect for garages, gyms and retail. Evertile Lock-Tiles are perfect for garages, gyms and retail.

Although PVC is generally a lightweight material, the ¼” thick Lock-Tiles are heavier than ¼” rolled rubber. The interlocked PVC tiles provide a stable surface underfoot as a loose laid flooring system, not requiring any special adhesives for installation. The durable plastic flooring tiles are also anti-fatigue and slip resistant, great for performing any athletic movements or acceleration drills where a firm surface is required.

The Lock-Tiles are a great option for school multi-purpose rooms, business show rooms, prisons, and many other institutions where resurfacing is required. Facilities can upgrade their flooring instantly with minimal downtime using the Lock-Tile PVC tiles.

Outfit your garage gym in style with these new garage floor tiles, or represent your school, hotel, or company colors in you commercial facility with Lock-Tile PVC tiles in one of the 11 color options, or create a checker-pattern or alternative design. Custom colors can be manufactured, but do require a 3000 sq. ft. minimum order.

Choose between the Coin Top surface and textured Smooth Top surface tiles to cover existing cracks, chips, and uneven floors, without the requirement of repair and/or leveling of the bare floor prior to installation. For finishing edges of an area installation, transition from the Lock-Tile ¼” height to the bare floor with Ramp Edging in Black or Grey, available by the foot.

Lock Tile PVC Smooth Top interlocking tiles for industrial application Lock Tile PVC Smooth Top interlocking tiles for industrial application

The Lock-Tile PVC Interlocking tiles are a great value flooring that provides long term durability and performance with little maintenance required. The PVC tiles make an excellent value choice for garage home gyms, schools, commercial facilities, warehouses, and anywhere that requires a high traffic flooring solution in an instant!

Where can you purchase Lock-Tile PVC Interlocking Tiles?
Coin Top and Smooth Interlocking Lock-Tile PVC Tiles can be purchased for residential use, as well as in bulk for commercial and military use, from authorized dealer, IRON COMPANY®, a GSA and CMAS approved contractor. GSA MAS # GS-07F-0104M. CMAS # 4-12-78-0066A.

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