Brain Train by Marty Gallagher

Embark on a transformative journey with IRON COMPANY®’s prestigious column — RAW Brain Train by Marty Gallagher. As a beacon in the fitness domain, IRON COMPANY has been curating unrivaled gym equipment and flooring solutions since 1997, establishing an indelible trust with customers globally. This tradition of excellence echoes profoundly in RAW Brain Train, a treasure trove of insights that navigates the intricate nexus of mental acumen and physical prowess. IPF World Champion, Marty Gallagher, distills six decades of wisdom into compelling weekly narratives, elucidating the mental frameworks championed by world-class athletes and tier 1 spec ops warriors. Discover the art of brain training — from mindfulness to meditation — and unlock an unparalleled depth of focus, dedication, and enthusiasm in your fitness odyssey. At RAW Brain Train, transcend the ordinary and foster a mindset aligned with the greats, tailored to propel you towards your peak potential. © 2017-2023 IRON COMPANY