Why Purchase Iron Grip Free Weight Equipment?

Why Purchase Iron Grip Free Weight Equipment?

Where To Purchase USA Made Free Weight Equipment


Iron Grip manufactures commercial quality USA-Made Urethane Olympic plates and Urethane dumbbells. They produce their Urethane products at their manufacturing facility in California. Why buy “Made in the USA” products? Not only does it support our economy, but Iron Grip’s American-made products have stricter quality control over what goes into the manufacturing of each and every item. You can feel confident you are buying top of the line free weights when you invest in the Iron Grip brand.


Iron Grip Urethane products are made with a liquid injection molding system that creates a solid piece of polyurethane. This helps to eliminate any splitting or peeling. The handles are made of precision-machined steel and drilled, chamfered and machined heads, which are welded together creating a solid steel insert. That insert is then encased with the heavy-duty urethane. They have chosen to sell urethane products over rubber because of the exceptional durability. Urethane does not split, tear, scuff, smell, discolor or fade over time. While the cost is a little higher, it is definitely worth the investment in the long run.


Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells and weight plates feature a 12-sided Anti-Roll design. In our experience, it is nice to put a dumbbell on the floor or on a weight bench in between sets and not have it roll away from you. It is something that is very simple but makes a big difference. The Iron Grip urethane dumbbells come in standard sizes from 5-150 lbs. and in custom half sizes up to 52.5 lbs. as well as heavier sizes up to 175 lbs. Most gyms and clubs will also order a 20-110 lb. urethane barbell set with either straight or EZ-curl bars to accompany their new dumbbells.

Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbells Iron Grip Urethane Dumbbells


What are the benefits of purchasing solid steel urethane dumbbells?

  • Urethane protects the dumbbell itself as well as your floors and other equipment from impact.
  • Using urethane coated dumbbells is quieter than using cast iron dumbbells or painted steel.
  • Urethane protects the solid steel heads underneath from the elements such as moisture and excessive dirt.
  • Solid steel urethane encased dumbbells are maintenance free. No bolts to come loose or break.
  • Urethane coated steel dumbbells are pound for pound more compact than other dumbbell set choices
    which is especially helpful when working out with the larger sizes.
  • Custom laser engraved logos can be added to identify brands and schools.

Dual Opposing hand grips on their Olympic plates create a safe way to lift and carry the plates. By using both grips when lifting the plate it engages the user’s biceps and forearms which tends to be comfortable for most people. All urethane barbell plates are marked with the pound and kilogram sizes.

Custom logo engraving is available. Send in your digital logo and see what it would look like on a dumbbell or plate. Iron Grip engraves your logo design onto the surface and then fills the engraving with a specialized Urethane which gets permanently bonded to the surface. It is a great way to get your name out there and make your facility stand out.


Iron Grip Custom Engraved Urethane Barbell Plate Iron Grip Custom Engraved Urethane Barbell Plate


To view the full line of American Made Iron Grip free weight equipment go here.

For more information about purchasing Iron Grip products, or for custom quotes on bulk purchases, please contact an IRON COMPANY representative by phone at (888) 758-7527 or by email to quotes@ironcompany.com.