Commercial Power Rack Buyers Guide and Review

Commercial Power Rack Buyers Guide and Review

Searching for the Best Commercial Power Rack

A power rack is one of the foundational pieces for free-weight training.

In the beginning, the Power Rack was one of the first pieces of strength and muscle building equipment on the weightlifting scene. As fitness came more into the mainstream of American culture, weightlifting and weightlifting equipment came into prominence. Additionally, it became apparent that there was a direct correlation between athletic performance on the field and resistance bearing exercises through lifting barbells and dumbbells.

This put the evolution and advancement of fitness equipment on the fast track. Now the choices for weightlifting equipment that increases lean muscle, strength and performance gains are almost limitless.

But still, power racks remain a cornerstone in any facility regardless of the latest trend. Power Racks for commercial gyms and even the home market have advanced into a massive category. It goes well beyond a few choices. The combinations of configuration, application and options can be intimidating if you haven’t done your homework. It’s all about education and obtaining the information required for an informed decision.

Power Racks fall into three general categories: full rack, half rack and quarter rack.

Quarter Power Racks

Legend Fitness Wall Mounted Quarter Squat Rack Legend Fitness Wall Mounted Quarter Squat Rack


Quarter Racks, or Quarter Cages, are the new kid on the block. These are characterized by a very small footprint. Quarter racks are a favorite of CrossFit training where pressing, squatting and chin-ups are performed in a HIIT program [high intensity interval training]. These racks are typically wall mounted and can be connected together to create a string of racks. Besides the fully adjustable J-hook bar saddles and safety arms, wall-mount depths options are available. Multi-angle utility benches are used in tandem with the quarter rack. Quarter racks are also used for anchor points for Rotational Bodyweight Training Systems like the CrossCore180®.

Half Power Racks

Legend Fitness 3142 Half Rack Legend Fitness 3142 Half Rack


Half Racks also have a compact footprint and normally come with a built in plate storage system. Like the quarter rack, adjustable J-hooks, safety arms and a chin bar are a given. But most half cages are free-standing which gives you more placement options in your facility. And you have many options to enhance your training. Half cage options include insert Olympic weightlifting platforms, dip attachments, technique trays, resistance band pegs, landmine attachment, swivel pull-up handles, vertical Olympic Bar storage and cage height choices. By adding a multi-angle utility bench, you can transform the half rack to a training center that is tailored to your fitness objective.

Full Power Racks

TuffStuff Pro-XL Power Rack TuffStuff Pro-XL Power Rack


The full size commercial Power Rack is the older brother of all the strength training racks. Its tenure continues due to the original concept which provides the best of versatility and safety that is unsurpassed among all cages. Besides the long list of options that half rack provides, some full sized commercial power racks take versatility to the next level with weight stack options and the ability to make modular configurations. You can have cages in a line or row for maximizing use of space and user functionality. A configuration is available regardless of the training challenge

So how do you choose the best Power Rack for your application?

First determine your budget. Factor in your training style and rack options that can most effectively reach your goals. The quarter, half and full racks all work well in a variety of settings. But the Half Rack enjoys a broad base appeal as it effectively bridges the gap between budget, performance features and space.

Still undecided? Contact us at IRON COMPANY® as we are passionate about fitness and helping people. Lean on us for expertise and insight. IRON COMPANY has a comprehensive offering of strength training racks and we’ll work with you.

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