What is A Glute Ham Developer?

What is A Glute Ham Developer?

Discover the GHD Today for a Stronger Posterior Chain Tomorrow

The Glute Ham Developer was once an obscure piece of fitness equipment that most passed by on their way to the water fountain. Suddenly, as the world of Crossfit training began to explode in all parts of the globe, this fitness tool that resembles a torture device, has quickly risen to the top of the training equipment food chain as a preferred choice to train, develop and build posterior and core extremity power!

Today, the GHD, as it is now known, is adorned by sports conditioning athletes, exercise enthusiasts and strength coaches alike and it has become a formidable strength training tool that is now deemed a requirement in any training, rehab and conditioning facility!

What does a Glute Hamstring Developer Do?
The GHD offers a goldmine of exercise activity! It’s an amazing piece of equipment that can be used by everyone and the benefits to using a GHD are far reaching and help the novice to experienced athlete! The GHD is by far, one of the of the most preferred machines for developing strengthened glutes, hamstrings, lower backs and posterior chains and it is very effective at isolating this entire region of the body!

The Glute Hamstring Developer helps to build proprioceptive awareness which allows an athlete to create a sense of total body balance needed for sport activity where one can be placed in a compromising position or situation. As an athlete, on the field or on the court, this means your adaptive training using a GHD lessens your chances of injury in your given sport.

Adjustable Glute Hamstring Developer by Body Solid Adjustable Glute Hamstring Developer by Body Solid


A GHD can also help to develop total body posterior muscles that play an integral role in posterior chain areas of the body such as the glutes, spine, knees, pelvis, lower back and hips. Often times, training emphasis is primarily placed on anterior portions of the body that one can see (i.e. abs, quads, pecs) that rear portions of the body are neglected. Incorporating the use of a Glute Hamstring Developer makes the addition of core and posterior chain exercises readily available, quick and efficient!

What types of exercises can I do on a Glute Hamstring Developer?
The main activities performed on GHD’s are hamstring and/or glute raises, hip and lower back extensions, sit-ups and Russian twists. These are the most common types of exercises that Glute Ham Developers offer; however, there is a long list of movements that anyone, with the proper training and guidance can perform.

From Glute Ham Raises, Front Sit Ups, Back Extensions and Hip Extensions, to Crossfit movements designed for competition and speed drills, the benefits of using a GHD are amazing! By strengthening and stabilizing your posterior and abdominal core, using a GHD is effective in preventing hamstring related injuries and strains, back injuries and sprains and knee and lower extremity tears. This means that a quality GHD can be a paramount training tool that should be a main staple in any home, school or club!

Legend Fitness 3214 Pro Series Glute Ham Developer Legend Fitness 3214 Pro Series Glute Ham Developer


Where can I find an assortment of Glute Hamstring Developers to purchase?
Buying a quality GHD is easy when you have a large assortment to choose from. IRON COMPANY® has compiled a tremendous assortment of makes and models to suit budgets of any kind that are designed to be used in settings from home, club or corporation! With a long list of quality manufacturers like Legend Fitness, York Barbell, Body Solid and Tuff Stuff to choose from, there is surely a Glute Hamstring Developer available to fit any budget or facility on the market!

When you’re ready to get your posterior rear in gear, contact an IRON COMPANY GSA and Commercial Fitness Equipment Sales Pro by calling 888-758-7527 or email Quotes@Ironcompany.com. We are available to answer your questions on the most appropriate Glute Hamstring Developer for you or your facility and can also offer a custom quote for your consideration!