Don't Skip Leg Day! Leg Workouts for Improved Overall Fitness

Don't Skip Leg Day! Leg Workouts for Improved Overall Fitness

Vastus lateralis. Rectus femoris. Biceps femoris. Semimembranosus. Semitendinosus. Gastrocnemius. Soleus. Plantaris. These are the leg muscles. While weight lifters and exercise enthusiasts may be more familiar with terms like biceps and pectoralis major referring to upper-body muscles, the leg muscles equally deserve as much attention - maybe more so - as other muscle groups.

Leg workouts and lower-body workouts are invaluable for building overall fitness and, when incorporated into exercise regimens, actually produce some astounding results.

Squats and Deadlifts

Let's talk about the basics. Trainers point to squats and deadlifts as two of the best and most effective exercises for building raw strength. Studies show that these two exercises help increase the release of testosterone and growth hormones.

You might think squats and deadlifts only strengthen the back and legs, but both exercises also directly benefit the upper-body muscle groups. Your arms, for example, must hold and keep steady the heavy weight of the barbell. Most upper-body workouts tax the arms, chest and back with relatively moderate weight loads. The arms and shoulders work naturally to keep the heavy weight of a barbell, used in a squat or deadlift, in the best and most balanced position.

Your abdominal muscles - part of your body's core - have to keep the heavy weight steady during squats. The abdominal muscles work naturally with your other upper-body muscles to keep the load in the proper position.

Your chest muscles - the pectoralis major - provide the balance and symmetry necessary for those heavy deadlifts and work with the back muscles.

Overall Strength

Stronger legs and a more powerful core boost your ability to do upper-body workouts. Strong legs give stability and the added strength for the bench press, for example. Strong upper thighs and a strong lower back stabilize and create a sturdier foundation for the overhead press. The curls also require stability from the legs and back.

Muscular Balance

A well-developed upper body on Popsicle-stick legs just doesn't look right. It's not healthy either and can lead to injuries. It also limits further growth in strength and muscular development. Regular lower-body workouts help transform your exercise routine and leads to some amazing personal records.

Mental Muscle

The squat, the deadlift and other exercises in a leg workout build confidence and raw strength. All the upper-body exercises require setting goals and pushing through the strain of the last few repetitions of a set. But when the amount of weight for a deadlift is more than your body weight - or even twice your body weight - you're doing something impressive. It's the same with squats. How about squatting more than twice your body weight? Now that's reason for confidence.

Iron Company Provides Power

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Improve your leg strength with leg exercises for improved fitness

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