Discovering the SHOK-LOK Rubber Mat System for Weight Training

Discovering the SHOK-LOK Rubber Mat System for Weight Training

There's an old saying, "There is nothing new under the sun." For example, most people understand the benefits of rubber gym flooring, which are protection, durability, natural resiliency, and low maintenance. So that's all you need to know about rubber flooring, right? No, because technology and innovation have improved even rubber flooring. One such advancement is the SHOK-LOK Rubber Mat System by Humane Manufacturing, which helps reduce the vibration, noise, and concussion from dropped heavy weights.

No weightlifting movements have more concussion and noise than the deadlift and power clean. Often, lifters will use, at best, a "controlled drop," and at worst, allow the Olympic bar to drop freely to the starting position. You don't have to guess when someone is performing either movement because it comes through loud and clear. There is an unwritten code of behavior in any fitness facility about dropping weights, but it doesn't appear that this code applies to power cleans or deadlifts.

For years, the only answer was using a lifting platform or possibly a bunch of rubber mats. A good quality weightlifting platform is a great solution, but your investment will be in the $1,500-$2,000 range. And using rubber gym mats only slightly muffles the noise, does not dissipate the concussion, and allows your concrete underneath to start crumbling. Fortunately, the emergence of the SHOK-LOK rubber deadlifting mat system addresses the problem in a big way.


Innovation that leads to increased benefit is what sets apart the SHOK-LOC deadlifting mat system from everything else. The SHOK-LOK rivals the performance of a full commercial lifting platform at a fraction of the cost. You may ask, "How much can you design and engineer in a rubber mat for gyms?" More than you think!

Start by looking beneath the surface. The underside of the SHOK-LOK is a waffle pattern that absorbs the concussion, reduces the noise significantly, and decreases the bounce from a heavy, dropped weight. This results in protection for your floor and a noticeable reduction in noise. On top of the SHOK-LOK, you'll discover more advancement. Tiny diamond patterns on the top layer give superior traction even when wet. On the perimeter is a beveled edge to prevent a trip hazard and provide a finished look to the mat system.

Humane SHOK-LOK Waffle Bottom Portable Rubber Deadlifting Mats

Now, don't miss the attributes that you can't see or feel but benefit you. The SHOK-LOK weightlifting mat system is manufactured with a mitigating agent to reduce any rubber odors. Plus, the re-vulcanizing manufacturing process produces a stronger product that is two to four times stronger than most. This provides a rating of 800-1000 PSI tensile tear strength. The SHOK-LOK Mat System is non-porous and will not harbor or promote bacterial growth, and it's non-absorbent.


This is where the education begins. Check out the SHOK-LOK at work at this link: This video clearly shows how impact and shock absorbent the SHOK-LOK weightlifting mats are in harsh CrossFit applications.

The evidence is overwhelming in the application of the SHOK-LOK Mat System for performing deadlifts and power cleans. SHOK-LOK two-piece rubber deadlifting mats are available in 4' x 8' x 3/4" and a large heavy-duty deadlifting mat measuring 6' x 90" x 3/4".

In addition, upon a closer look, the applications are very broad in the fitness arena. Other applications could be in the cardio area under treadmills to reduce the vibration and noise from running. This can be under particular cardio units or the entire cardio section. SHOK-LOK also makes an effective impact resistant dumbbell mat and kettlebell mat. SHOK-LOK is available in 6' x 4' center tiles and 2' x 2' interlocking tiles when you need to put SHOK-LOK over a large area. This is a loose-lay product that goes together with interlocking tabs so no adhesive or professional installation is required.

Humane SHOK-LOK Interlocking Vulcanized Rubber Weightlifting Gym Mat

So, when you have an area for which conventional rubber flooring is just not enough, the SHOK-LOK Mat System could be the answer.

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